Will Power Versus Won’t Power

By Monique Rhodes

March 29, 2022

I watched the Academy Awards. I was hoping to delight in honouring only the 3rd female director to win an Oscar. Instead, it was a lesson in toxic masculinity. 

  • Interesting thoughts and happy I’m listening to your podcast. I disagree with you though. I stopped watching Hollywood Academies several years ago because it is filled with judgements and anger. It’s not PG. However, I wanted to write and Thank You for opening minds.

    • Maybe that is not disagreement. Perhaps it is discernment on your part as to what you choose to consume 💕

  • P.S. Pema Chodron has a wonderful complete teaching on how to deal with this. Its Called Freedom to Choose Something Different.. It gets to the core. xx

  • In a way… I think this is a really good thing, precisely because, as you say.. we all have our extreme contrasting moments and they are usually expressed behind closed doors. And, we have all known the shame and shock we feel when an extreme unconscious part of our self plays out…. and then because of the shame we get catapulted in to justification, denial, overcompensation etc. To my mind, in order to transform the split we need to be deeply compassionate toward ourselves and the whole situation…. no judgement, because that feeds the shame and simply sends the “problem” underground. When I watched the replays of the Will , Chris , Jada drama… I felt compassion for the “whole thing”…
    I wish them all strength in making peace with what was exposed…, and as best they can, not get caught up in “right or wrong” opinion for each of them… but find their own way to honor the roots of their role in the scenario, conscious or unconscious . For me, Wills explosive acting out is another block buster lesson from Hollywood , that gives us an opportunity to deeply look at ourselves…. and the dissonance between our ideal selves and the unhealed part of ourselves .I wish them all the grace to take this to the end, slowly having the courage for honesty ( inwardly ) and to be able to cultivate deep compassion for what really caused the “scene”. And, then letting it go. And we must do that too. Thank you Monique for your wisdom… and compassionate holding of this bursting bubble, for all of us .I am so excited about discovering my own hidden sore spots that have not yet been seen and working to heal and transform them into Peace , Love and Deep Compassion… Much Love, Chimmy

    • I love this line that you wrote Chimmy – “the dissonance between our ideal selves and the unhealed part of ourselves”. That says it all 💕

  • A very thoughtful and perceptive podcast.

    I like the way you describe spirituality.

    And I was particularly struck by the message about being the best of yourself with those you love, and also asking oneself:…”Who am I when no one can see?”


  • Thoughtful, insightful perspective on the situation AND a great play on words! I am glad Jane’s big win and recognition was well before this incident. Cheers!

  • Powerful podcast Monique! I agree 1000% with your analysis! Thank you for the clarity and for the challenge to be the person we aspire to be! ❤️

  • Yes, violence is not an answer!
    Thank you for speaking out and put things in crystal clear perspective in the most gracious way.
    I hope many people have the chance to listen to this podcast.🙏🙏🙏

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