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Deep within, there's a version of your life waiting to unfold, a tapestry of dreams and desires yearning to manifest. The journey from wishful thinking to tangible reality requires a guide, a blueprint. And How To Create A Life You Love is that illuminating compass you’ve been searching for.

Step Forward with Purpose and Passion

Join us on this transformative voyage, where you'll transition from drifting aimlessly to steering confidently toward your life's goals. This isn't about escaping reality but about enhancing it to resonate with your soul's aspirations.


Four Weeks of Lessons

Each week you'll have access to a series of classes with insights and practical tools you can implement right away to help you create your dream life. The best news is that you’ll have lifetime access to the teachings so that you can reference them again and again. 


10-Minute Integration Activities

You'll get a little homework each week to help you 
implement the principles in as little as 10 minutes 

per day. Work at your own pace, taking as long as 
you need to fit these activities into your schedule. I’ve made it as simple as possible to take tiny steps that require just minutes a day to reap big rewards.


Individual and Community Support

Would you like to have more happiness and ease in your life? Then this is the perfect course for you! Over 4 weeks, I will be available to answer your questions personally on the course community chat so that you can succeed in finding more happiness and ease in your life. Plus, you'll have access to our private Facebook Group where you can share and receive support from other wonderful people on the happiness journey with you.

Why This Journey Resonates

Empowerment Over Emotion

This isn’t merely about self-control but self-direction. Shift from reacting to life to actively creating it.

Brain Science and Practical Emotion Techniques

Combine neurological research with practical, emotional strategies for a balanced and effective approach.

Practical Insights from Experience

Monique Rhodes, your mentor, has faced life's challenges and offers practical advice. She's taken lessons from experts and adapted them for modern times.

A Supportive Community

Connect with others who are also on a journey to improve and redefine their lives. Exchange experiences, learn, and progress together.

Your 4-Week Transformation: Step-by-Step:

week 1

Identify Challenges

Every journey toward a goal is bound to encounter obstacles. These challenges, whether internal like self-doubt and fear, or external like external opinions and real-world hurdles, can often derail one's progress. In this module, we'll delve deep into recognizing these barriers, understanding their roots, and developing strategies to navigate through them effectively. By gaining a comprehensive grasp on what stands between you and your objectives, you'll be better equipped to overcome them, ensuring a smoother path towards your dreams.


Define Your Goals

IHaving a dream is one thing, but transforming that dream into a tangible, actionable goal is another. It's easy to say we want 'happiness', 'success', or 'fulfillment', but what do these terms mean for you, personally? This week, we'll embark on a deep exploration of your true aspirations, stripping away the ambiguities and vague notions. Through a series of guided exercises and introspective questions, you'll refine and clarify your vision, giving it shape, color, and specificity. By the end of this module, you'll have a concrete outline of what you truly want, ensuring that your path forward is not only defined but also aligned with your authentic desires.

week 3

The Secret Sauce

During our third week, we'll delve into a pivotal component often overlooked in most manifestation teachings: the Secret Sauce. This isn't just a tool—it's a transformational shift that can redefine your approach to achieving your dreams. Many miss out on this integral knowledge, but in this module, you'll gain access to this game-changing technique, enabling you not just to dream but to command your destiny and assert control over your life's trajectory.


Supercharging Your Progress

By this point, many participants start to see real changes in their lives. In this week, Monique will teach you how to use the techniques you've learned more effectively. You'll learn how to let things happen rather than forcing them. She'll also provide strategies to quickly identify when progress is being made and how to apply these methods in various aspects of your life.

"You are the master of your life. This is one simple truth we should all have been taught at school." 

Weekly Activities and Insights

Every week, immerse yourself in meticulously crafted lessons tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your goals. Each lesson is built on practical insights, ensuring you grasp the core concepts effectively.

Is How To Create A Life You Love Right For You?

Do you believe there's more to life?

Have you seen others achieve what you desire and question your path?

Has the pandemic caused you to rethink your life's goals?

Achieving a fulfilling life isn't about chance but about making informed and purposeful decisions.

Join us to learn how.

Too many people believe that creating a life you love is a series of lucky breaks. It isn't.

If you think you have to be lucky to have a life you love, then you’ll always be at the mercy of circumstances and people that come into your life. I’m here to teach you it is possible to create a life you love by design. Let me show you how.

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Why people are raving about How To Create A Life You Love

MEET YOUR teacher

Hello, my name is Monique Rhodes.

At just 19, my life was engulfed by a storm of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Each day felt like a relentless emotional roller coaster, with my feelings shifting wildly from one hour to the next. I was overwhelmed, unable to cope, and felt like I was losing control of my life.

One night, the darkness overwhelmed me, and I hit rock bottom. I ended up in the hospital after a desperate attempt to end my life. In that stark, sterile room, I felt utterly defeated. I couldn't understand why others seemed to find joy so easily while I was mired in despair. I feared something was fundamentally wrong with me and that happiness was an unattainable dream.

Faced with this bleak reality, I knew I had to make a choice: give up completely or embark on a quest to understand happiness. I was determined to find out if happiness was something I could actively create or if it was just a matter of luck. This mission led me on a 20-year journey across the globe, seeking wisdom from different philosophies and techniques to uncover the secrets of lasting joy.

During my journey, I immersed myself in diverse practices, using myself as a living experiment. I explored mindfulness, gratitude exercises, and cognitive-behavioral strategies. Slowly but surely, I began to see changes. My thoughts became clearer, my emotions steadier, and my life more grounded. I also discovered the power of community support and how being part of a supportive group can significantly enhance personal growth and resilience. The transformation was so profound that I often say, "If I weren't me, I would be jealous of myself." I discovered that I could take charge of my happiness, creating a life so extraordinary that it surpassed my wildest dreams.

The transformation I experienced ignited a passion in me to help others achieve the same. This passion led to the creation of "The Happiness Baseline," a program designed to share these powerful, fast-acting techniques with the world. Today, I witness thousands of people undergoing the same life-changing transformations. Seeing their journeys from darkness to light reaffirms my belief that happiness is not a fleeting emotion but a habit that can be cultivated and sustained through consistent practices and supportive community.


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