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The Modern World: A Breeding Ground for Stress

We are living in stressful times.

Gone are the days of simple troubles. We're a generation navigating a whirlwind of challenges unique to our era: the global impacts of COVID, the relentless torrent of information, work boundaries blurring into personal spaces, and communities feeling more distant than ever.

In such times, having a sanctuary to rejuvenate becomes essential. The Stress Meditation Program is that sanctuary. Designed for the modern individual, let these meditations guide you away from the chaos and into serenity.

Join this transformative journey, enriched with three potent stress-relieving meditations, crafted especially for you.


Hi, Iā€™m Monique Rhodes.

At just 19, my life was engulfed by a storm of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Each day felt like a relentless emotional roller coaster, with my feelings shifting wildly from one hour to the next. I was overwhelmed, unable to cope, and felt like I was losing control of my life.

One night, the darkness overwhelmed me, and I hit rock bottom. I ended up in the hospital after a desperate attempt to end my life. In that stark, sterile room, I felt utterly defeated. I couldn't understand why others seemed to find joy so easily while I was mired in despair. I feared something was fundamentally wrong with me and that happiness was an unattainable dream.

Faced with this bleak reality, I knew I had to make a choice: give up completely or embark on a quest to understand happiness. I was determined to find out if happiness was something I could actively create or if it was just a matter of luck. This mission led me on a 20-year journey across the globe, seeking wisdom from different philosophies and techniques to uncover the secrets of lasting joy.

During my journey, I immersed myself in diverse practices, using myself as a living experiment. I explored mindfulness, gratitude exercises, and cognitive-behavioral strategies. Slowly but surely, I began to see changes. My thoughts became clearer, my emotions steadier, and my life more grounded. I also discovered the power of community support and how being part of a supportive group can significantly enhance personal growth and resilience. The transformation was so profound that I often say, "If I weren't me, I would be jealous of myself." I discovered that I could take charge of my happiness, creating a life so extraordinary that it surpassed my wildest dreams.

The transformation I experienced ignited a passion in me to help others achieve the same. This passion led to the creation of "The Happiness Baseline," a program designed to share these powerful, fast-acting techniques with the world. Today, I witness thousands of people undergoing the same life-changing transformations. Seeing their journeys from darkness to light reaffirms my belief that happiness is not a fleeting emotion but a habit that can be cultivated and sustained through consistent practices and supportive community.

Your Personal Toolkit to Tackle Stress Head-On!

Embrace the tranquillity offered by The Stress Meditation Program.

Regularly immerse in these tracks, cultivating a resilient and peaceful mindset.

Your Three Transformative Tracks:

  1. The Mountain Meditation ā€“ Visualize stability and grounding.
  2. Supporting The Wellness Of Your Body ā€“ Foster physical and mental harmony.
  3. Your Safe Place ā€“ Discover a sanctuary within.


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