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The Modern World: A Breeding Ground for Stress

We are living in stressful times.

Gone are the days of simple troubles. We're a generation navigating a whirlwind of challenges unique to our era: the global impacts of COVID, the relentless torrent of information, work boundaries blurring into personal spaces, and communities feeling more distant than ever.

In such times, having a sanctuary to rejuvenate becomes essential. The Stress Meditation Program is that sanctuary. Designed for the modern individual, let these meditations guide you away from the chaos and into serenity.

Join this transformative journey, enriched with three potent stress-relieving meditations, crafted especially for you.


Hi, I’m Monique Rhodes.

I intimately understand stress—it clouded my younger years, casting shadows over every joy. Constant worries were a stifling companion in my life.

Determined to find a solution, I developed these three tracks, which not only serve as a balm for immediate stress but bolster resilience against future worries and pressures.

These tracks hold a special place in my heart, and I believe they'll transform your life just as they did mine.

Your Personal Toolkit to Tackle Stress Head-On!

Embrace the tranquillity offered by The Stress Meditation Program.

Regularly immerse in these tracks, cultivating a resilient and peaceful mindset.

Your Three Transformative Tracks:

  1. The Mountain Meditation – Visualize stability and grounding.
  2. Supporting The Wellness Of Your Body – Foster physical and mental harmony.
  3. Your Safe Place – Discover a sanctuary within.


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