Become friends with the most important person in the!

When you become friends with yourself, your whole life changes.

learn how to become your own best friend

Discover how to change the most important relationship in your life: the relationship you have with you.

You know it well – that critical voice inside your head that talks to you all day. Usually, the things it is saying are not the things you need to be hearing – you're not enough, and you need to be more – richer, thinner, more successful, more beautiful... This voice is not helpful. It doesn't make you feel better. It makes you feel small and scared and often unable to cope. 

Imagine if you could turn that voice around. What would your life be like if that voice went from being your biggest critic and became your on-call cheerleader? It's totally possible. I know. I did it! 

In How To Become Friends With Yourself,  I'll teach the exact strategies I used to turn that voice in my head around from my worst enemy into my best friend.  I will show you simple yet powerful ways to get to know yourself and start treating yourself with kindness and compassion so that you can decrease the stress and anxiety you are unwittingly adding to your daily life. You deserve to treat yourself the way you would treat your own best friend. 

Join me for teachings, simple daily practices, and an amazing and supportive community to show you how to become your own greatest ally. Watch this video to learn more about this life-changing opportunity:


Here's the truth: Beating yourself up does not help you become your best self...being friends with yourself does.

In just 28 days, I’ll show you how to transform the relationship you have with yourself. I will teach you how to have a completely different relationship with yourself to have a happier, more abundant life.

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Teaching  Modules

Start each week of the course with a teaching session. I'll share powerful strategies and personal stories to show you the path to becoming friends with yourself, delivered in bite-sized doses, so it's easy to make part of your daily life.  


28 Days of Integration Activities to Fast Track Your Learning

I’ve made it as easy as possible to take small steps that reap huge benefits. Each day, you'll simply answer a few questions in the morning and a few questions in the evening to help you integrate the teachings in just minutes a day. Plus, you'll get bonus meditations and training throughout the course.


A Powerful Community of Like-Minded People

Become part of Monique's Mob, my private group where you'll have access to me and a community of amazing people who are on the journey with you and ready to support you fully on yours.

“Monique Rhodes is a teacher for the ages. In the tradition of the Dalai Lama, M. Scott Peck, and Eckhart Tolle, her wisdom calls us all to a new state of awareness and radiance. Where Monique Rhodes goes, I will follow. I know her deeply. She’s the real deal, through and through.”


What if you truly loved yourself?
How would your life be different?

How To Become Friends With Yourself is a course designed to help you tap into the strength and confidence within yourself – so that you can wake up every morning and love the person that you are. Through the 28 days of the course, you'll take powerful steps to learn how to settle that negative voice in your head and start to learn to love yourself as you are.   

I will teach you the exact techniques I used in my own journey, transforming my life from a 19-year-old full of despair and depression to living a life where I love myself truly. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

week 1

The Culture of Not Loving Ourselves

In this first week, you'll explore how we are conditioned as a culture to struggle with loving ourselves. I'll explain why this cultural conditioning exists and how to start to combat its subtle effect on your life. 


Your Relationship with You

In the second week, you'll have a clear understanding of the relationship you have with yourself – and where you inadvertently sabotage your happiness. You'll start to write a new story for your life to bypass the emotional land mines you've been stepping on for most of your life.

week 3

Working with Your Inner Critic

In the third week, you'll get up close and personal with your inner critic to understand why it's there and when it got there – with simple tools to change its voice from tearing you down to build you up. You will learn to change that voice in your mind. Forever. 


The Love Contract

In this week, we look at how our self-love, or lack of it, affects the way that others treat us. We explore how we have been setting ourselves up, through our  own Love Contract, to put our true self last since we were young.  By this time, many people already see significant changes, so this week, you'll discover how to work with these techniques on an ongoing basis. 

"I'll show you how to transform that voice in your mind from being your enemy to become your best friend." 

THE HAPPINESS strategist

How The World Appears Is Up To You

Most of us don't realise that whether you are happy or unhappy depends on you. You can master your own happiness levels. When you become friends with yourself, the way that you show up in the world completely changes. When that changes, so does your whole world. This is a foundation skill to learn to change your life.

The Great News

It's easy to think that if circumstances and other people change, your life will get better. The great news is that you don't need to wait for that. When you start with you, you see that changing your relationship with yourself changes your whole life. 

Imagine Have Your Own Best Advisor On Call All Day

Life is hard at the best of times. We are facing obstacles and difficulties daily that leave us feeling stressed and exhausted. When you become friends with yourself, you will find the ability to tap into your natural wisdom that will enable you to make smarter and more self-loving choices about your life. 

I've Been There

I know what it's like not to love myself. Everything that I teach in this course is the exact same tools I used to transform my relationship with myself. This has been an integral part of my ability to profoundly and permanently increase my happiness levels. 


How To Become Friends With Yourself is perfect for you if:

You know that voice in your head is bringing you down, but you're not sure how or where to start to shift it.

Discover powerful teachings and practices that will clarify what you need to make permanent changes in your life.

You compare yourself with others and wish you could just be happy with your own life.

Shed the burden of comparison by learning to recognise your virtues and learn new ways to respond to the stressful situations life throws at you. 

The past year has been a significant wake-up call to make a change in your life.

You're in the right place. If you feel things have got to change – this time – starting with yourself is the best place to realize real, long-lasting changes. You'll feel calmer, more focused and more in control of your life and your happiness. 


Why people are raving about How To Become Friends With Yourself

“I had no idea the impact that my negative voice was having until I took this course. In 4 weeks, I have seen a major shift in myself. Now I feel excitement in the mornings to explore my new life - with me.”

Jenny Symonds, London, UK

“This course taught me that I am not kind to myself. I didn't realize. Now that I have shifted the way I am with myself, people are noticing how much happier and content I am. This course is a must-do!”

Steve Hinkman, Denver, USA

“I knew I needed to do this course because  I’m better at my job if I take care of myself. Now that I have done this course with the amazing Monique, I am focussed on self-care because I know that I deserve and need it. This is a total game-changer!”

Ali Grogan, Adelaide, Australia

“Monique teaches in a way that is so easy to apply. I've never loved myself. I've been sad and negative my whole life. Now, it's like I have a whole new lease on life because I am actually becoming friends with myself. The effects of this program have been astounding for me.”

Sally meadows, AUstin, USA


Hi, I’m Monique Rhodes.

I know what it feels like to struggle. I've been there. I've spent over 25 years of my life finding the path to turn myself around. My life has gone from deep depression to extraordinarily happy - every day. 

As a Happiness Strategist my programs are used in more than 70 colleges and universities acrossthe globe. I am teaching thousands of people around the world the skills I learned about changingtheir lives.

My favorite way to achieve fast transformation is through coaching. It allows me to quickly see where a person's blocks are, then show them a strategy to break free of whatever is holding them back. 

Let me help you break through any obstacles that may be holding you back from living a happy life

Join me as I show you what's possible!

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Join How To Become Friends With Yourself today and go from feeling uncertain to unstoppable.

Join How To Become Friends With Yourself and transform your relationship with yourself into one where you become your best friend!

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