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There is no better time than right now to get the one thing we all deserve but struggle to sustain: true happiness. 

My mission in life is to guide you to a lifetime of happiness. I do this through a combination of teachings and powerful, habit-changing exercises.This is where it starts:

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Find out the acclaimed course that Monique's students rave about. The Happiness Baseline has a 100% success rate in raising the happiness levels of course graduates. 

"We don't live in our homes or our clothes or even in our bodies. We live in our minds. Therefore, mastering your mind is the most important skill you could learn. It is the only way to raise your happiness levels - permanently." 


Learn how to work with your mind to create the life of your dreams

Let go of wishful thinking. Instead, let me teach you how to become the true master of your own life. Through these resources and courses, I will show you how to create the life you always dreamed of with fun and actionable steps that make happiness an automatic habit in your life.

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The 10 Minute Mind® Daily Meditations

An online daily 10-minute mindfulness meditation course I created for people who think they can't meditate. It's used worldwide, including in over 70 colleges and universities.


The Sleep Meditations

Let your mind drift into a sleepy state with these guided  sleep meditations. These meditations have been extensively trialled – 92% of people who used them said they helped them get to sleep. 

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How to Create a Life
You Love

In just four weeks, I’ll show you powerful steps that help you take control of your life – and attract whatever you need for you to start living the life you've been dreaming of.

love the one you're with

How to Become Friends with Yourself

Discover how to navigate the most important relationship in your life: the relationship with you. This program will teach you how to transform your inner critic into becoming your best friend. 

Hi, I'm Monique!

Through my best-selling meditation program, popular online courses, and inspirational daily podcast, I teach people how to live the life of their dreams. 

I'm not teaching you academic theory. I know exactly what it's like to feel deep despair. However, through years of studying and experimenting with transforming my own life, I also know a direct path to overcoming the obstacles to happiness.

I now live the huge and joyous life I dreamed of. If I can do it, anyone can. 

This is where I bring everything I've learned directly to you. 


You can be the master of your happiness

I turned my life around, from one of despair, to a life that is nothing short of extraordinary. Now, it is my life's work to share the same tools I discovered with you so that you too can make happiness the foundation in your life.

My courses are backed by brain science

I've learned that when you master your mind, you master your life - and your happiness. My work is grounded in the latest brain science. I teach you to understand your mind in new ways to ensure the changes in your happiness levels are permanent.

I've studied and worked with some of the best minds (and hearts)

I've travelled the world  for most of my life and have had the privilege of studying and working with some of the greatest teachers of our time including the Dalai Lama, Thich Naht Hahn, Angeles Arrien and Pema Chödrön and many more.

I've walked a mile...or two...or three

I know what it's like to feel despair and depression. And I also know what it's like to feel real, genuine, permanant happiness. I share what I've learned to transform my life from a suicidal 19-year-old to living a life I love.

Have a listen to my daily podcast: In Your Right Mind

Get a daily dose of some serious inspiration served up in perfectly portable bite-sized pieces. Every episode is loaded with actionable insights that you can put into practice right away to bring more happiness into your life.

Find out why In Your Right Mind is a daily ritual for thousands of people worldwide. 

Here are a few of my most popular podcast episodes:

Swimming Upstream

If we want a different result we have to do things differently. Today’s podcast is an important one to listen to.

A Powerful Question

When we are upset, or someone is upset with us, there is a quick way to get to the source of what is really going on. This is what I am going to teach you in today’s podcast. 

Negative Experiences

If we are what we think, where do difficult experiences in our lives fit into this? What about trauma in our childhood? This is what I discuss in today’s podcast.  


Monique Rhodes is a teacher for the ages. In the tradition of the Dalai Lama, M. Scott Peck, and Eckhart Tolle, her wisdom calls us all to a new state of awareness and radiance. Where Monique Rhodes goes, I will follow. I know her deeply. She’s the real deal, through and through.

Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD
Founder, Bright Line Eating

Monique is such a powerful teacher. I learnt more about myself from four hours of coaching than I have in three years of therapy.

Tracey Robbins
Sydney, Australia

Monique's teachings completely exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge and ability to see where you are blocked enabled me to break through some issues I've been trying to make headway on for many years. I can't recommend her more highly. 

Sarah Owens
New York, USA