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Hi I'm Monique Rhodes

At just 19, my life was engulfed by a storm of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Each day felt like a relentless emotional roller coaster, with my feelings shifting wildly from one hour to the next. I was overwhelmed, unable to cope, and felt like I was losing control of my life.

One night, the darkness overwhelmed me, and I hit rock bottom. I ended up in the hospital after a desperate attempt to end my life. In that stark, sterile room, I felt utterly defeated. I couldn't understand why others seemed to find joy so easily while I was mired in despair. I feared something was fundamentally wrong with me and that happiness was an unattainable dream.

Faced with this bleak reality, I knew I had to make a choice: give up completely or embark on a quest to understand happiness. I was determined to find out if happiness was something I could actively create or if it was just a matter of luck. This mission led me on a 20-year journey across the globe, seeking wisdom from different philosophies and techniques to uncover the secrets of lasting joy.

During my journey, I immersed myself in diverse practices, using myself as a living experiment. I explored mindfulness, gratitude exercises, and cognitive-behavioral strategies. Slowly but surely, I began to see changes. My thoughts became clearer, my emotions steadier, and my life more grounded. I also discovered the power of community support and how being part of a supportive group can significantly enhance personal growth and resilience. The transformation was so profound that I often say, "If I weren't me, I would be jealous of myself." I discovered that I could take charge of my happiness, creating a life so extraordinary that it surpassed my wildest dreams.

The transformation I experienced ignited a passion in me to help others achieve the same. This passion led to the creation of "The Happiness Baseline," a program designed to share these powerful, fast-acting techniques with the world. Today, I witness thousands of people undergoing the same life-changing transformations. Seeing their journeys from darkness to light reaffirms my belief that happiness is not a fleeting emotion but a habit that can be cultivated and sustained through consistent practices and supportive community.

10 Days To Happier: Your Pathway to Sustainable Joy

A simple step-by-step guide for nurturing happiness that endures.
Eliminate the ambiguity from the pursuit of happiness. 10 email lessons guide you through the first ten days of a transformative journey, providing clarity and actionable steps towards a joyful existence.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

A Precise Roadmap: Receive daily email lessons packed with actionable insights and exercises aimed at cultivating a deeper sense of happiness so you know exactly what to do each day.

Essential Tools and Strategies: The course encompasses a comprehensive workbook (including templates and reflection sheets) and new examples and applications uniquely crafted by Monique Rhodes.

A Universal Framework For Happiness: Harness the principles of habitual happiness to foster a lasting sense of well-being, applicable to any facet of life—whether you're seeking inner peace, stronger relationships, or a positive outlook amidst life's challenges.

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