100% Of People Who Complete This Groundbreaking Course Increase Their Happiness Levels In Only A Few Days

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100% of The Happiness Baseline® graduates quantifiably increase their levels of happiness in 8 short weeks. Let's do the same for you!

Are you ready for a quick escape from your current situation? Are you fed up with the fact that everything will stay the same if you don’t make changes? Are you ready to achieve more in your life and relationships?

Take control of your life to become the Happiest person you can be.

I will show you how to increase your happiness in just eight weeks. This science-based course uses a combination teaching and fun and effective techniques to help you quickly increase your happiness levels. The Happiness Baseline graduates have a 100% success rate in increasing their happiness. Now is your chance to be one of them. 

What Is The Happiness Baseline?

Over 8 weeks I will take you through a step by step process of looking at 8 areas of your life. These 8 areas have been scientifically proven to have the biggest effect on  your happiness. Then I will teach you, with a series of small exercises, how to make changes in each of these 8 areas. These changes will add up to BIG results. 

10-Minute Integration Activities

You will receive small tasks and prompts each day to help you integrate the lessons in as little time as possible. These activities can be done at your own pace. You can take as much time as you like and work at your own speed. It's easy to take small steps and reap the huge rewards in a matter of minutes each day.

"When you recognize that YOU are the boss of your happiness, you will find your greatest inner confidence. The Happiness Baseline teaches you to be in charge of your happiness." 



Take Control of Your Happiness

You are the only one who can impact your happiness. Your happiness lies in your control. You will be amazed at how quickly your life can change once you start using the techniques in The Happiness Baseline. You have the opportunity to take control of your life today!

100% Success Rate

This course will transform your life. Your happiness levels are measured at the beginning and again at the end of the course. Every graduate has experienced an increase in happiness. I can't WAIT to see how you raise yours.

Science Backed Course

This course does not encourage wishful thinking. The Happiness Baseline teaches science-backed principles. This is why The Happiness Baseline is so efficient and the results are so quick to see. 

This Talk is My Walk

At the age of 19, I was caught in the pits of despair. There was no light at my end of the tunnel. The darkest time of my life led me to search for a way out from the terrible struggle I was going through. Every technique I teach is exactly the same one that I used to change my life. 


The Happiness Baseline is a perfect step for you if you:

  • Feel stuck in life, overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, and need support. 
  • Although you may feel happy sometimes, it's difficult to keep that feeling going for long. You wish you could be happier every day.
  • Know that of you don't change something things are going to stay the same.
  • Are you ready to live the life you desire and deserve?
  • Be one of the thousands who have done this course and seen their happiness rise quickly.

Hear what happy graduates have to say about The Happiness Baseline

The Happiness Baseline Course was a life-changer for me and I saw immediate results. This course has made life better for me as well as for those around me.

My life is full of people who notice the changes in me and want to know what I'm doing. They are able to see my happiness, which I love.

Rick chapman washington, usa

Monique Rhodes' Happiness Baseline program has made a huge difference in my life. Monique supported and guided me to explore the areas that were preventing me from moving forward. It felt like I had started a process to clear out all the junk in my head and get rid of the things that were not serving me. I recommend the program to everyone. I believe that the world would be a better place if more people experienced such personal growth.

patty polhemus
Maryland, USA

The Happiness Baseline is for people who want a quick way to increase their happiness. I loved it!

MJ Morse
maryland, usa

I don't even remember how I felt before The Happiness Baseline. This journey has been life transforming. I can now stop panic attacks, which happen much less often, right at the beginning. My life is more intentional, filled with supportive people, grounded, and more connected than it has ever been. I am happy regardless of what is going on around me! Thank you Monique for changing my life! 

jill masters
california, usa

I am so grateful for this course. It has been absolutely pivotal for my growth and healing. I saw a change in myself within the first week. Now, I have never felt happier. Thank you.

Shanrah wakEfield
sydney, australia

Thank you, Monique, for an amazing course that has profoundly changed the way I navigate through my life. I have appreciated the in-depth and substantive daily content,  your exceptional talent as a teacher, and most of all, the care and love you pour into your students. I feel like you have taken this journey with me, day by day, and I have deeply benefited from that. You helped me stick with it and I am immensely grateful, not only for myself, but for everyone whose life is touched by your teaching and courses. Sending you much love and wishes for your happiness!


This has been an absolutely amazing course! I am so much happier and in a much better mood generally throughout my day. My family has even remarked on my changes. 


The Happiness Baseline has made a very positive change in me. I feel happier, calmer, more connected with other people and have a greater sense of peace and serenity. I am less reactive and more optimistic and positive. It has been a wonderful experience that I expect will pay me dividends for the rest of my life. 

barbara hunt
nevada, usa

I love how my thoughts and perspectives have shifted as I have taken this course. I now find myself in such a calmer space and so much more present in my day and not looking back thinking how could I have handled that differently. 

melinda willis
texas, usa

Monique Rhodes - The Happiness Strategist

For over 30 years, I have traveled the world and studied with some of the most respected spiritual and motivational educators in order to discover the true secret to happiness. The Happiness Baseline is a culmination of all I've learned, which I used to transform my own life from depression to consistent and long term happiness.

When my world collapsed, I was only 19 years old. I attempted to end my own life. I sat in a hospital bed while the doctors who had saved my life tried to figure out what was wrong with me.

I knew that I had only two options: either give up or try to understand why I felt so awful about myself and couldn't cope. Thankfully, I chose the second option.

I embarked on a journey to save my life. I wanted to understand the root causes and find ways to transform my suffering into lasting happiness. This quest began over 25 years ago and took me all over the world. I lived high in the Himalayas. I rode a motorbike through large parts of India - alone. I walked hundreds of miles of sacred walkways. I sat down and talked with some of the wealthiest and most impoverished people in the world.  I discovered ways of life that I didn’t even know existed.

I saw who was flourishing.

I started to see habit patterns in the happiest people I didn’t see in people who were suffering.

I then experimented on my own with a variety of techniques. My life was transformed by what I found. The Happiness Baseline combines all of the techniques I have discovered and is easy to use - so you too can access them.


Get The Happiness Baseline Immediately For FREE.

It is my dream to share these amazing teachings with as many people as I can.

A major reason people can't join a course, is that they don't have the money. This means that only a few people will have access to life-changing information.

I worry that people will miss this chance to change their lives simply because they lack the financial means.

I think a little differently. 

Instead of a course fee, all I ask is that you put down a $500 Happiness Accountability Deposit. As long as you complete this 8-week course within 10 weeks, let us know and we will refund your Accountability Deposit. 

No questions asked.

Why is the Accountability Deposit required?

I want you to be able to apply the lessons in your life.

Completing the entire course will guarantee you results. 

It may surprise you, but online courses have a 3% average completion rate.

We have a 92% completion rate thanks to The Happiness Accountability Deposit.

The best news? 100% of graduates report an increase their happiness.

I want you to achieve the same incredible results. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Register now for The Happiness Baseline to get started in this life-changing, highly acclaimed course.

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