The Guaranteed Fast-Track To Happiness That Will Transform Your Life In 8 Weeks

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Transform Your Life Today: Elevate Your Happiness and Reclaim Your Joy in Just 8 Weeks!

Are you ready to break free from the rut of stress and overwhelm, create deeper connections, and cultivate a life that brims with joy, love, and fulfillment? With our 8-week Happiness Baseline® program, you can. Backed by science and guaranteed by 100% of our graduates, this course has been designed to take you on a transformative journey toward sustainable happiness. 

Step into your power and unlock the happiest version of yourself

The Happiness Baseline graduates have a 100% success rate in increasing their happiness.

In just eight weeks, I will guide you on a transformational journey, using a blend of scientifically proven methods and engaging exercises to elevate your happiness.

Now, it's your turn to join them and witness the remarkable uplift in your own happiness.

What Is The Happiness Baseline?

On this 8-week journey, I guide you through the eight pillars of lasting happiness – all backed by scientific research. Each week, we delve into a new pillar, exploring practical exercises and small, manageable changes that compound into monumental results in your overall happiness and well-being.

10 Minute Daily Happiness Boosters

Daily prompts and bite-sized tasks will help you weave the lessons seamlessly into your routine. Done at your own pace, these simple, empowering actions can start to shift your life's trajectory in just minutes a day.

Experience This Transformational Course, Absolutely Free!

I am dedicated to shattering any obstacles that stand between you, and your journey to happiness and financial constraints should never stand in the way. That's why I've designed a unique system where you can experience this life-changing course without financial barriers. Enrol in The Happiness Baseline, put down an accountability bond, and upon completion of the course, I'll return your bond - no questions asked. I’m not just investing in your happiness. I’m ensuring it! Make this empowering investment in yourself risk-free! 

"Once you recognize that you hold the key to your own happiness, you'll discover an unparalleled sense of self-confidence. The Happiness Baseline empowers you to take charge of your happiness and well-being." 



Take Control of Your Happiness

Only you have the power to influence your happiness, and it's entirely within your hands. Be prepared to marvel at the swift transformation your life can undergo once you begin applying the techniques from The Happiness Baseline. Today presents an incredible opportunity for you to reclaim control and steer your life toward sustained happiness!

Guaranteed Happiness Boost

This course is designed to bring about a profound shift in your life. We assess your happiness levels at the start and conclusion of the course, and every single graduate has reported an uplift in their happiness. I eagerly look forward to witnessing your own happiness surge!

Evidence-Based Approach To Happiness

The Happiness Baseline goes beyond mere wishful thinking. It employs principles and techniques grounded in rigorous scientific research. This robust, evidence-based foundation makes this course so effective, delivering visible results in a remarkably short period. 

My Personal Journey To Happiness

At 19, I was lost in an abyss of despair with no visible way out. It was the bleakest period of my life that propelled me to seek a way out of my personal torment. Each technique I share in this course is the same one I used to transform my own life and emerge from the shadows of despair to a life of absolute joy.

Wondering if The Happiness Baseline is right for you?

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed by stress, and longing for sustained happiness and deeper connections in your life, The Happiness Baseline is for you. If you're ready to make the changes necessary to cultivate the joyous, fulfilling life you deserve, join the thousands who have already seen their happiness soar.


Hear what happy graduates have to say about The Happiness Baseline

Meet Monique Rhodes, your guide to sustained happiness

Over the past 30 years, my quest for unlocking the true secrets of happiness has taken me across the globe, studying under revered spiritual guides and motivational mentors. The Happiness Baseline encapsulates everything I've discovered and personally used to transition from a state of depression to an enduring and consistent state of happiness.

At the tender age of 19, my world crumbled around me. I found myself at the brink, attempting to end my own life. As I lay in the hospital bed, saved by the swift actions of doctors yet consumed by my inner turmoil, I was faced with two options: surrender to the darkness or strive to understand the root of my profound self-loathing and inability to cope. I chose the latter.

Setting out on a self-rescue mission, I sought to delve into the root causes of my suffering and forge a path to enduring happiness. I immersed myself in diverse cultures and experiences - from residing in the heights of the Himalayas, traversing vast parts of India on a motorcycle, to walking hundreds of miles, all on my own. I conversed with people from all walks of life, from the extremely affluent to the poorest, and uncovered diverse lifestyles I had never imagined.

In observing those who thrived emotionally, I began to discern patterns in happy people's behavior that weren't evident in those who were struggling.

Experimenting with various techniques personally, I experienced a life-altering transformation. The Happiness Baseline encapsulates all these powerful techniques I've unearthed, and I've made them accessible and easy for you to adopt in your journey toward sustained happiness.

Embark on The Happiness Baseline Journey – an investment in your happiness – and get it absolutely FREE.

I dream of making these transformative teachings accessible to as many people as possible.

Often, finances serve as a roadblock for many to embark on life-altering journeys. A lack of funds shouldn't keep anyone from accessing this transformational information.

I'm here to change the game. Here's how:


The first game-changing move: a refundable bond

Rather than imposing a course fee, I request a $500 Happiness Accountability Bond. Complete the 8-week course in 10 weeks, inform us, and I'll refund your full bond! No questions asked.

THE why

Completing the course is your ticket to guaranteed results

The shocking reality is that the average completion rate for online courses is 3%. The Happiness Baseline boasts a staggering 92% completion rate, thanks to the Accountability Bond. Completing the course ensures you become happier. 


100% of our graduates report an increase in their happiness

100% of our graduates report an increase in their happiness.

Are YOU ready to become happier and be part of these incredible success stories. With zero risks and so much to gain, what's holding you back?

 Register now for The Happiness Baseline, and begin your journey with this groundbreaking and highly acclaimed course today.

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