The Quest for Visibility

By Monique Rhodes

February 7, 2024

In today's digital age, the human need to be seen, acknowledged, and validated has found a new arena: social media. Today I explore the deep-rooted need for visibility, how it has been amplified and transformed by social media, and the implications of seeking validation in the digital realm.

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  • Yaaasss! I came here for your take on the Grammys.
    I thought of you as I watched Joanie Mitchell. That was my favorite part. I watched it again and again, and thought I would love to hear your take on what it means. It’s so beautiful in her mature and layered voice and easy performance, the women that accompanied on the cello and violin gave me all the feels. It was riveting! So beautiful. I didn’t take note of all the women all evening long but you’re right! Loved that recognition. Joanie was my favorite. I thought the Blue Ivy was awkward. I thought Beyonce was beautifully supportive all evening. I was really glad to see sweet Celine Dion. I have been worried about her and the rumored stiff person syndrome she has. She has given so much of herself to the world. I adore Trevor but did not find him funny in this venue. He did great, but it’s gor to be enormous pressure for a live timed event. He’s a solid choice though. I did like the Tracy Chapman performance. She seems uber super gracious! I love that new generations are exposed now, to her simple elegance. I love that Afro beats took the stage. I sorta agreed with JZ that some didn’t belong in the category. But of course it is subjective. Thanks Monique..sending lots of ❤️

    • If you were to ask me my favourite moment of the night, it was this young white male country singer from North Carolina with such deep respect and love for his idol Tracy Chapman. What a moving performance that was. I cried. May we build bridges…love you Lydee 💕

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