The Importance Of Sleep Part II

By Monique Rhodes

November 22, 2022

Let’s dive deeper into why sleep is vital and discuss the crucial topic of brain poop. 

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  • For the past 40+ years I have studied my dreams, kept dream journals, etc. For me, I’ve noticed cycles for dreaming. I’m also aware that I have what I call a ‘dream quotient’. When I’m not dreaming as much as needed = dream quotient, then I’m not sleeping as well, as deeply, as healthfully. So I then address that. I agree with you Monique, about the importance of good quality sleep and of dreaming – which BTW, can include daydreams since some people report little recall of their night dreams. Thanks for this series of podcasts on sleep.

    • That is interesting about your dream quotient…I go through phases where I dream a lot and then not much. At the moment I am in a dream a lot phase. It has a direct correlation to the fact that I am sleeping in a much warmer climate. So heat makes me dream more AND gives me less REM sleep…interesting! (And I know this as I have a device that measures my REM)💕

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