The Image Maker

By Monique Rhodes

January 28, 2022

We spend a lot of our time having thoughts about our lives and other people that cause us distress. Once we realise that we are the image-maker, our lives have the potential to profoundly change.

  • Hi Monique -I’m a past BLE client of yours and loved my life while in the course but have slipped away in time.
    Today I began again and can feel the calmness that I seek! What a joy and I listened to”The Image Maker” which is so powerful that I am anxious in a good way to take todays messages and make a little difference in the world.
    Carol Koehler

  • I’m having trouble with this one. What about the reality of the politicians, “disaster capitalist” & those on the airwaves who are the profiteers spreading doom, hate & misinformation JUST to keep THEIR ratings up and THEIR pockets lined. Yes, I can and I am able ( and have the privilege ) to change my thoughts about my personal life and circumstances. I can not change the reality of the fact that many people do not have the wherewithal to step back AND see the rabbit hole these profiteers are taking us down as a society.

    • It’s vital we look at the stories we tell ourselves about many things. It’s your story that they do it just to line their own pockets. They might, but do you know. And if they do is it your concern that someone pays them for it? What is the “right” way to think. What if their talk of doom ends up inspiring someone to change their life because they no longer want to be part of this type of existence? There are lots of people making money in the name of so called “goodness” as well. Do you have trouble with them too? As you can see, it’s all about our perspective. It’s your perspective that your ideology is correct and true. What if it’s not? What if you’re wrong? đź’•

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