The Battle Lines

By Monique Rhodes

June 19, 2022

Today’s podcast is important. We are living in a world of deep division. Why is this happening? I am hoping that today’s podcast will give you some answers. 

  • It is sad and unfair how main stream media has become extremely one sided in their reporting which often reflects the beliefs and political leaning of the owner and is used to sway public opinion on different topics. I find I no longer watch TV news for this reason and online, I only rely on those media outlets who have not been brought out. Social media, especially Facebook has become bizarre in it deletions and restrictions on what people say. When my friend who is into home survival was labeled by Facebook as “may be partially or wholly under the editorial control of the Russian government” I realised it was time to leave that social media platform for good.

  • Thank you Monique. I love the way you challenge us to think about things more deeply. To be independent and strong, not allowing ourselves to be mindlessly manipulated, and to allow others to be independent and strong too. To love and respect ourselves and to love and respect each other. I also like the reminder that the only way to understand each other is to actually listen to each other and that understanding someone else’s point of view does not then mean having to agree with it!
    Thank you x

  • Hello a very important topic. So thank you for this post but… I really believe you do not go far enough. Things have progressed so much and so fast that the business model of surveillance capitalism and invasive social media has already had a huge effect. I urge everyone to read the book Stolen Focus by Johann Hari where he lays this out in more detail but also points to groups who are fighting to change this model and also to reverse the huge structural changes that have come about in our social lives and in our societies.

    • Yes I hear you. I think Johann, whose work I love, has more chance to go deeper in a book than I do on a podcast. And thank you for the reminder to read this new book of his Katherine 💕

  • I love this encouragement Monique. Thank you. I resisted the social media exercise fiercely in your fabulous course initially. However, after become consciously aware, I started to cut back and have experienced happiness as a result. Now this topic raises my awareness to the need to constantly check my integrity and values so as not to bend to popular opinion just because it’s popular. I love the expose of the controversial posts being the most popular. It is by design. I appreciate this awareness. Thank you

  • Thank you for sharing. The business model is phenomenal and does exactly what it is designed to. I trust human beings will elevate above it and return to, or create, a calm, gentle, loving space to hold each other in. My family relationships began healing as I started to reject the social media business model for what it is, using it only as a tool for positivity and guarding what I ingest online fiercely. 🙂 My all around health was devastated in the state of outrage I had submitted myself to. Finding my way, “going gently.” Thank you.

  • Thank you for the message that we need to come together and understand differences. I don’t like conflict so I tend to stay away from social media.

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