The Battle Lines

By Monique Rhodes

June 9, 2024

In this episode, I explore the growing polarization in our world, highlighting the significant role of social media in deepening divides. I discuss how algorithms create echo chambers and promote divisive content, leading to increased hostility and fear. I urge you to be conscious of these dynamics, engage in healthy conversations, and focus on commonalities rather than differences. Listen to the podcast for a deeper understanding of how to navigate these challenges and foster connection in a divided world.

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  • This was driven home to me yesterday because I have good friends on different sides of a hot issue. They posted ‘news’ that exactly contradicted each other’s post. Both posts were designed to incite big emotions. I always knew news could be slanted, but I really didn’t fathom how ‘news’ could be so diametrically opposed. It makes me want to unplug more and more because unless I have direct experience of a situation, how can I even know what is true? And, do I Need to know this or that? And if I do know, then what can I do about it? It’s sticky and exhausting and divisive.

    • Berni! I’ve missed you. Just perhaps know that the truth is elusive for most of us in this modern technological world. And stay close to your centre of what feels good and right for you. And of course, always remember, someone is making a lot of money from these divisions 💕

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