Switching Part I

By Monique Rhodes

November 17, 2022

Switching is a skill that most of you think you have. You know it under another name. And I call it switching because this is what it is. 

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  • I’ve recently changed jobs where I absolutely must focus and this is a real switch from my last position where I was multi-tasking (or expected to) constantly – answering an email, while the phone is ringing, while someone was at my desk requesting something, while someone in the office was shouting out an instruction. I have to tell my, my brain & body became exhausted. But, switching to mono-focus is requiring a lot of new skills (taking breaks, turning off email notifications, turning the sound off my cell). I think I need to UP my meditation practice to help. Thanks Monique.

  • Yup! So true
    Thanks for posting
    I feel so annoyed when friend is multitasking when we have arranged for a get together for lunch. She picks up calls and gets thrown off our conversation. I want to run away. I don’t call her out on it. But I say to myself “never again.”

    • Maybe tell her how you feel rather than a never again. She may not realise and it gives her the chance to not lose you đź’•

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