Small Kindnesses 

By Monique Rhodes

October 5, 2022

We often can fall into the belief that grand gestures are what make something count. The small, consistent acts build the fabric of our lives. 

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  • Simple kindnesses. Simple pleasures. Simple Habit. More needed from me and from all who are capable. I recently bought a dollar store plaque reading: In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind
    It hangs on doorway to my living room so I read it regularly and any guest is also getting a subliminal message

  • Thank you for this reminder, Monique. The poem made me smile picturing the various scenarios. It has been my experience that it is often the little acts of kindness that have the greatest impact and are often the ones that cause a ripple effect. It is a shame that they may also be the ones that we often don’t recall as being impactful. This reminded me of a quote I read the other day: “The smallest acts of kindness are worth much more than the grandest of intentions” (Oscar Wilde).

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