Only The Good

By Monique Rhodes

November 29, 2021

….die young. I don’t know if that’s true, but when someone we love passes away, it brings everything important into focus.

  • Dear Monique, the shock may stay for quite some time. Grief has it’s own timeline. How beautiful that you were able to say the things you really mean, from your heart, while you could. So many never get or take the opportunity. Losing someone who is a brother-from-another-mother (as I did as well) can leave such a big gap in our lives, but it surely does turn us around and cause us to realize what is most important. Big blessings to you and thank You for reminding us all to notice where we put our attention, and to appreciate the love that is in our lives.

  • That was powerful Monique – writing a letter or email is so good for us all. Don’t wait – thank you for your insight into this topic.

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