Monique Rhodes’ Weekly Inspirations

By Monique Rhodes

March 15, 2024

I'm thrilled to share another dose of insights, wisdom, and reflection with you.


2 Insights from Me

"People often chase happiness as if it's a destination in the future—believing a change in circumstances will bring joy. Yet, true contentment lies in appreciating the people and places already part of our lives. Happiness blooms when we see the beauty in the immediate and the familiar." - Monique Rhodes


"True happiness is found in the balance between striving and contentment. It's about setting ambitious goals for the future while also appreciating what you have in the present. The magic happens when you pursue your dreams without losing sight of the blessings that surround you daily." - Monique Rhodes


2 Quotes From Others 

Julie Yip-Williams, on embracing life's paradoxes:

"Walk through the fire and emerge stronger... Joy cannot exist without sadness... Wisdom cannot exist without suffering. Living is an exercise in navigating within these paradoxes." Letter to her daughters, July 2017


 "Resilience is not just the ability to bounce back, but also the capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing. Resilient individuals don't just recover from setbacks; they come back stronger and happier.” Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist


1 Question For You 

How quickly can you embrace the present and learn from your experiences to cultivate happiness?

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