Love Is In The Air

By Monique Rhodes

February 4, 2023

I want to teach you today how to live an incredible life. It’s all at your fingertips with one insight. 

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  • although other podcasts have resonated with me, I am making my first comment on this stellar one. 1.I like that micro is not minimized.Micro or small changes in habits can indeed yield big results.I am on day 3 of starting my day with 30 minutes of stretching and flexing and strengthening movements complemented by a plethora of other good- for- me microhabits over the next hours.I already imagine future benefits along with the present feel good feeling. It removes the I ” should ” factor because I am.
    2.I have always bristled with the supposed bragworthy term of ” random acts of kindness” . I do ” scheduled acts of kindness”.e.g call my mom,friends,or shovel neighbours sidewalk along with mine.To my thinking ,it is purposeful.Perhaps to the recipient it is random but by me ,it is purposeful not an accident. My dictionary says random is ” made,done, etc., without method or conscious choice”. Micro connections is a far superior term for my initiating a comment,compliment or even non verbal interaction that’s received whether I know the person or not. Yes,when the hotel receptionist called me over as I was dressed for a wedding and awaiting the overdue shuttle bus, I did not expect her exuberant compliment of how fabulous I looked- my dress,my hair,my face. That was a wonderful micro connection. Quick.Powerful.Appreciated. Their are destructive micro Dis-connections that take years to recover from. I will increase my outflow of the good ones.I will serve up micro joys,micro connections and develop micro habits and I will expect a good return- not because I give to get but because the universe is benevolent and wants to be my partner in my happiness journey. Monique- you may have guessed ,the podcast about words is also full of wisdom.Your results are MACRO!

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