Choice and Responsibility

By Monique Rhodes

March 8, 2024

Life may throw challenges our way, but we hold the power to choose how we respond to them. Today, I reflect on Viktor Frankl's wisdom, which teaches us that finding meaning in adversity is not just possible but also a profound responsibility and path to personal freedom.

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  • Thank you- I needed this information- difficult folks at work- trying not to use addictive coping strategies like shopping or eating ice cream- I don’t have anyone to talk to about all the things at work however these – are my friend and inspiration for how to reframe and to change my mind and thinking – to pivot and pray for guidance thanks again Monique- I so appreciate and look forward to hearing

  • I so love this podcast. Thank you. Years ago (I was 27 now 68) I encountered A Course in Miracles. As I read and practices I came across a prayer which I have used consistantly every time I feel anything other than happy and peaceful. It took me many years to accept what it says to be truth, but I continued to contemplate, accept, practice all it said “I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that “seems” to happen to me, I ask for and receive as I have asked.” — It is a controversial prayer for many including me until I got it. Now, it is a part of my ongoing “checking in” with myself and I am so grateful.

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