Beyond Stress Relief: The Benefits Of Meditation

By Monique Rhodes

February 20, 2024

People frequently search for specific benefits of meditation, such as stress relief, improved focus or better sleep. Meditation's benefits improve our daily lives and coping mechanisms for our busy lifestyles. In this modern age of high tech, where time to ourselves is more of a luxury, we find ourselves overwhelmed and mentally exhausted, leading to poor sleep quality.

However, meditation helps with the symptoms of a busy life. It improves our sleep, whether we take time talking to sleep or not getting enough sleep daily.   Making it a part of our daily lives will bring notable benefits and open up a vast world of understanding the mind. Modern living has taken us far from ourselves, and we aren't even aware that we have lost touch with ourselves. Meditation allows us to come back in contact with our inner nature, bringing happiness from within.

Meditation helps us calm the mind. We learn to sit quietly and observe thoughts rather than becoming immersed in our usual thought patterns. We begin to notice thoughts using our awareness and recognize the space between them. Meditation provides confidence and stability and is the means and pathway leading us to happiness, freedom and liberation. A sense of clarity arises. By watching the thoughts, they slow down, and we don't get caught up in them and the usual stories we create. The more we practice meditation, the gap between thoughts widens. By creating space in the mind, our ability to focus improves as we discover inner clarity.

How is meditation the way to find our true nature? It is because we find our wisdom awareness aspect of mind in the space between the thoughts. Our inner wisdom is the background of our mind. Its qualities are love and compassion, and we open up to our loving nature within.

At the moment, We are unaware of our true nature. The root of this lack of recognition is that we are distracted. We are distracted by our thoughts and emotions. We react to events and circumstances based on our quick emotional reactions without seeing clearly. Distracting from our innate nature brings us unhappiness, as we constantly engage in activities that detract from our innate qualities. Our thoughts give rise to habits of chasing after success, money, and power and give rise to feelings of stress and aggression. We become competitive and hunger for possessions.

The mind is scattered and fragmented by many things that provoke us, initiating feelings and emotions. Eventually, the stress and tension lead to health issues and mental instability. Our sleep quality can also be affected, which in turn causes the mind to feel more unstable and sensitive.

We become entangled in our emotions and develop beliefs and attitudes based on our reactive minds. We are assumptions based on beliefs we have acquired through our habitual patterns. We don't see reality as it truly is. We put our negative slant on things when we have negative feelings towards them. As we get caught up, we move further from the truth; we get deeper into delusion and confusion, which is what makes us anxious, depressed, sad, proud, and lose confidence.

Meditation allows us to experience who we are entirely, away from all the external distractions and preoccupations with worldly matters. We rely on external circumstances to feel well. When the mind settles, we find inner peace of mind, which gives rise to happiness from within. 

We can change our lives by working with the mind. It is capable of being trained. We have already trained the mind to react and respond with hope or fear, giving rise to negative emotions. We have adapted to respond when provoked with negative reactions such as jealousy, anger, anxiety, and greed. We struggle to maintain a good sleep pattern as the mind becomes agitated and lacks a sense of space. Yet, if we learn to meditate, we can undo these responses and find happiness as we develop clarity and understanding of our inner nature.

Meditation provides space in the mind. We can expand our awareness, allowing our thoughts to slow down, settle, and gradually dissolve. It enables our wisdom and innate nature to shine through. We find inner happiness as we are not so easily stressed by circumstances. We improve our sleep quality, interaction with others, and general reactions to our outer world. Circumstances may remain the same, but we become more accepting of them, and we get less affected as we keep an inner stability of well-being within our minds. The more we sustain this attitude of spaciousness to circumstances, the more they change as we develop a more positive and accepting outlook on life. We learn to be grateful for what we have rather than feeling miserable about what we don't have.

It is good to develop a habit of small sessions daily. The regularity, or habit formation, will ultimately change the mind as we become more open and flexible to situations. We start to erode our habitual ways of reacting. It is essential not to come out of meditation sessions too quickly. We can maintain a sense of open spaciousness, which we can carry into our daily lives. We find we can be more light-hearted and not take things so seriously, and we don't get so stressed. We become more present in all our activities and actions. Our thinking mind loses its grip on us, making us feel more open and spacious. We find peace of mind, allowing us to sleep soundly and deeply, intact with others in a gentler and more understanding way, and adopt an attitude of positivity and gratitude in our lives.

The benefits of meditation impact on many levels, not only helping us sleep better and relieving stress. It impacts on the body and our health. Health reflects our state of mind and way of being. Once one becomes happy, the cells in the body also become more positive and release stress and negative patterns.

Meditation is the subtle transformation of our minds and emotions where we open ourselves up to the spiritual beings that we are so we go beyond the ideas we create and what we possess. We reconnect with our true nature and not only find happiness and well-being, but we become more caring and compassionate with others. 

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