An Important Little Update

By Monique Rhodes

June 19, 2023

With these incredible retreats completed I have a little update for you all. 

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  • I’m smiling to you. I have a very good feeling about what is coming up for you. I’ve been in surgery 9 times (14procedures) and have found different ways of supporting myself through the surgeries and the recovery times. I have a recording of His Holiness chanting, 48 minutes long. I love it playing in my ear not just before and after surgery but during. Find what is right for you and set your stage before, during, and after. Your healing has begun, and continues, always in miraculous ways. I send you great love. May every moment be a Blessing.

  • Sending all my love to you. You and your doctors and caregivers will be in my prayers Monique. You keep your “chin up Charlotte” (Charlotte’s Web) and know how much you are loved. xxxooo Sandi

  • Face the facts and not the fears – exactly. I am sure you will be able to support so many people in a more deeper way when you go through these experiences. I wish you didn’t have to, but there can be blessings along the way. So glad you have found answers!

  • Sending you sunshine and best wishes. I had thyroid cancer and surgery to remove my thyroid in 2001. Life has been terrific since then- I take my Synthroid daily and don’t miss my thyroid gland at all ❤️ Take good care of yourself.

  • Dearest Monique❤️…. Thank you for sharing this update on your health and well-being.
    Insights into how you live your life with: practicality, grace, joy, humour, and DREAMS “no matter want” is insightful and thought-provoking.”Go gently 🐰🐰…..(bunny slippers)

  • I am glad you are here Monique… and I am with You in prayer, but at the same time, so so confident that you will be so fine, and come through with a fresh set of experience and a perspective that will help You help others, which I know you love so much. Much love!

  • Monique, as you’ve requested, I hope that you are feeling that Love & Support from us all! Light & Love is being sent Your way!
    From one cancer survivor to another (you already are!), what a special path you are on. I wish you the hope & healing that you’ve already begun. My thoughts are with you today and will be these next two weeks and beyond.

    This is the first I’m hearing of a retreat center and feel it is that that will find me someday in Costa Rica. And that’s exciting!

    Much love ❤️

  • All my love and prayers, Monique. You got this. I know waiting is hard, and it will be so good to have your surgery done and put this behind you.

  • Monique, you are such a courageous beautiful soul and Im sorry to hear this news. Im sending you my love and prayers for a speedy recovery. ❤

  • I love you, and this community, Monique. When I was facing my first surgery, I learned a lot from Peggy Huddleston’s book Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster. I felt empowered seeing the surgery as a major healing event and having a positive statement of purpose.

  • Dear Monique, as you know, i’ve had several surgeries in my life, and four in the last 18 months. The last two were really big. The thing that helped me the most to live through the experience was to stay present in the moment. Paradoxically, staying fully present in the moment decreased my anxiety and discomfort. Also, there is a quote from Julian of Norwich that helped me so much. It is this, “ all is well, and all matter things shall be well, for there is a force of love, moving to the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go”. I am coming to understand that we are part of that force of love. The night before the biggest operation, and the one I was most afraid of, I could feel really feel all the love and care concern all the prayers that have been sent to me. they gave me a strength of calm and clarity that supported me and I am so grateful. I know that you have this from all of us. It was an extraordinary experience to actually perceive all of that love I could really feel it in my body I can’t fully describe it. Staying present in the moment, and allowing myself to open up and perceive all the love and care was extraordinary and life-changing. I am holding fast that image of you, full of health and life, full of love and light.

  • Dearest Monique,
    Our collective love is yours and will see you through this health challenge. I am envisionsioning
    Successful surgery and healing for your thyroid. Sending you so much love and healing energy.✨❤️🙏🏻

  • Monique, My whole heart and prayers are yours in your healing. Remember to use the Quantum Energy Field to help you. I went to a retreat where they taught me to raise my finger tips up and ask for the healing energy to come into my (Thyroid) and take away (my cancer) and then to face your finger tips to the earth to let it go away. Sending all my healing love your way.

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