A Challenging Question

By Monique Rhodes

February 3, 2023

I want to present something we’ve been working on in a slightly different way. It’s through a question that might take some of the heat out of your grievances with other people. I’m curious to hear what you think. 

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  • I appreciated this podcast so much…and the last 3 on Motivation…giving me a lot to ponder in the Michigan winter season, Monique! It is prompting me to also think about whether I can distinguish what my boundaries are…so when I am becoming aware of my motivations and asking the question in situations I can also see whether my personal boundary has been crossed…🤔

  • This was so powerful! You gave me a new way to look at an old relationship that I’ve allowed myself to feel hurt over for years. So many times we feel that we are being snubbed and that someone else’s reaction is about “us” when, in fact, it is about where they are in their life. You gave me a way to set my own internal boundary and not allow their position to hurt me. Thank you Monique.

  • What would it mean if this person was doing the best they can? I’ve thought about this quite a bit today, and to me it still comes back as feeling judgmental. I feel like I am saying that the other person’s best is not good enough. I can see that by asking the question, you might not take the situation as personally, by saying they were doing their best. But, are you not comparing them to you, your standards, your expectations? At what point do you put up boundaries? A great, thought provoking question for sure.

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