You Can Create Peace

By Monique Rhodes

October 12, 2022

Someone wrote to me lamenting about the state of the world. It can be easy to feel powerless, yet we are more powerful in creating peace than we realise. 

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  • Dear Monique. I agree with everything you have said here and I believe it is far more important then many people think. I do a form of meditation where we believe that if many meditate together or/and at the same time it influences others in a positive way. However, I myself feel frustrated that I can not do more. Mainly because, beyond simply voting, I feel, not really powerless, but less influential that I desire to be. I read a lot, books and daily news reports, but I sometimes wish that the daily news was not just reporting, but giving suggestions on how to effect change. Maybe I am just dreaming and maybe even being lazy, but I want to do more. John

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