Working With Grief

By Monique Rhodes

January 29, 2023

Grief can be tricky because it goes on a lot longer than other emotions. Here are some thoughts on how to work with it. 

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  • Monique, I just listened for the first time to one of your podcast (Grief). It was very comforting and helpful. I’m also listening to your mindfulness sessions via Bright Line Eating. I love the background music in the sessions. Can you share the origin of the music or who the artist is?

  • Wow, Monique, this talk about grief really landed on me today. Today is the one-month anniversary of my husband’s passing. We were married 63 years, so many years and adventures ago.
    We were so fortunate to have such wonderful and caring medical care here in Mexico from the specialists who actually make house calls and the compassionate nurses who helped me take care of Ken. His pain was managed quite well. The nurse arrived at 9 a.m. as he was passing. She was such a help; she took over his care as it was obvious to me that his soul/spirit had left his body but he still had signs of life. I laid down beside him and held him and whispered in his ear that it was okay to go and I would be okay and spoke words of love to him. The nurse washed and dressed him and never left his side until the funeral people came. The rest of the day I spent in solitude and it was the most peaceful I have ever felt in my life. I feel so strong and have felt lonely when I’m alone at night looking at his favourite chair knowing that he will never sit there again. Yes, grief comes in many different ways and at times. I’m not resisting it.
    I hope this is not TMI but it’s been helpful for me.
    Thank you Monique.

  • Monique you are amazing at what you do. I’m loving your Meditations in BLE as well as your 10 Minute Mind Meditations. Your podcasts are all very informative & helpful. Grateful for all you do!

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