Where Are You Holding Back

By Monique Rhodes

January 21, 2023

Life is easier when we can start to see where we are shutting down. We then have the opportunity to change it. 

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  • Thank you Monique. That is a great story about the story with the bikes. You brought out their kindness in return for that particular occasion. I would find it very difficult with my sister who is prone to nastiness. She is undeserving of my kindness and I would open a can of worms to show to try to understand her reasons for her behaviour. Therefore I would let things be. She lives a long way from me.

    • And it’s interesting that your thought is that your sister is underserving of your kindnesss. I will make a podcast in the coming days to make some clarification with this for you. 💕

  • This is not exactly the same type scenario but still, reminded me of an incident that I feel I didn’t handle correctly and would love some input. A couple came up to me as I was putting gas in my car and ask for money to buy gas. Their story was a relative was sick and they were going to visit but had run out of money before they arrived. I worked close by and had heard from people I worked with that this couple had been hitting people up for several weeks at different stations around the past month. So I knew they were scamming and told them I had no money. But, even though I knew this it felt wrong. Should I have offered to use my credit card and bought gas anyway? And if so, should I have mentioned I knew this was not true or not mentioned and let them think they scammed me? Not sure how I need to think about this incident.

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