Understanding Our Personal Interpretations of Reality

By Monique Rhodes

October 13, 2023

Every individual sees the world through a unique lens, shaped by countless factors such as personal experiences, emotions, upbringing, cultural beliefs, and personal narratives. Just as tinted glasses colour your vision, your past and beliefs shade your perceptions. This lens actively filters, distorts, and sometimes even obscures your view of reality. Recognising the transient nature of your thoughts and feelings allows you to understand they're mere interpretations, not absolute truths. By embracing this awareness, you can approach situations with more clarity, balance, and grace, which will lead you to greater happiness and wisdom.

Try This:

Perspective Check-In

  • Pause and Reflect: Several times a day, perhaps during routine moments like when you're brushing your teeth, waiting for a bus, or boiling water, take a moment to pause and reflect on a recent thought or judgment you've had.
  • Question Your Perception: Ask yourself, "Is this thought an absolute truth or just my personal interpretation based on my experiences?"
  • Consider Alternatives: Try to think of at least two other ways someone might perceive the same situation differently based on their unique lens of experiences.
  • Acknowledge the Lens: Remind yourself that everyone, including you, views the world through their own lens shaped by countless personal factors.
  • Gratitude and Release: Feel grateful for the awareness, and then release any attachment to the thought, allowing yourself to be open to multiple perspectives.

By making this a routine practice as you move through your day, you’ll start training your mind to recognise the flexibility of perception and become more open to the myriad ways of viewing the world.

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  • Just this week I have discovered the lens in which I view the world is a bit narrow. The realization was painful. I want to use this as a reminder to seek other points of view instead of thinking the way I see things is the only way.

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