The Power of the Book

By Monique Rhodes

February 16, 2022

Today it is my joy to bring you an interview. I know many of you will have heard me talk over these months about Joan, the head book buyer for the largest book chain in New Zealand, Whitcoulls. Joan has a section in every bookstore called Joan’s Picks where she gives her favourite current book recommendations. I was lucky enough to wrangle Joan into giving me some time to have a chat. I hope you enjoy this interview. You can also watch this interview on my Youtube channel. 

  • Monique — thank you so much for sharing your interview with Joan from Joan’s picks at Whitcoulls. I so enjoyed your discussion With Joan. I had looked so forward to you doing this interview with Joan, from whenever it was earlier last year that you mentioned her and your reading on a podcast. Such a delight! I took copious notes, I can’t wait to head to the library or one of my independent booksellers here in New York City and get a number of these books. Thank you for the recommendations.

    • I’m so pleased you enjoyed this interview. Joan is a true treasure in my life. Have a look online at Joan’s Picks, Whitcoulls. You can follow her book recommendations from wherever you are! 💕

  • I think Mrs. Miller’s Smell of Snow is this book in the USA: Smilla’s Sense Of Snow. I remember watching it on TV. years ago.

  • It was a great interview today with Joan Mackenzie of Joan’s picks because she had so many interesting books to share that I had not read. It was remarkable the detail in which she could remember some of the books she’s read and the author’s names.

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