The Power of Deep Thinking

By Monique Rhodes

November 21, 2021

I went to the cinema a few nights ago. There was a film I desperately wanted to see. It is called The Power of the Dog. I wanted to see this film because it was made by the most decorated female filmmaker alive, New Zealander Jane Campion. I find her work, especially The Piano, to be extraordinary. I also wanted to see it because it was filmed close to where I am currently living, here in New Zealand. Due to Covid, instead of filming in Montana, they brought Montana here to New Zealand.

I have to say, this film did not let me down.

I found it to be extraordinary in its storytelling. What struck me was the subtlety of the storytelling. Jane Campion has this incredible ability to create a story that you go away, trying to put the pieces of it together for weeks afterwards. I'm in the midst of that right now. I think about this film a lot and the themes and lessons that run through it. I can see why it is tipped for an Academy Award nomination.

It got me thinking about how this is what great art does. It calls us to see behind what is presented and gives us a door of layered meaning to walk through. We need this. We are in a world of complete overwhelm, with a myriad of stimulation vying for our attention. Some part of us craves time to contemplate, time to process, time to look beneath the shallow shores and dive into the depths of what we are experiencing.

And that is what I love about Jane. She gives me a puzzle that my mind is subconsciously trying to solve whether I want to or not. It's good for my mental wellness. It's good to think deeply. Our minds need it.

What allows you to think deeply? Do you take time for deep thinking regularly? Maybe it's time.

  • At 85 years the world expects one to be more aware of more than life’s trivial pursuits, while becoming very wise and meeting and greeting the idea of afterlife. Strange that I am actually finding it true. We all know we are more than our mortal bodies, but do we actually take time to consider the rest of the story – or at least more than a glancing blow? SOOO much more to life than what the brain and its merry-go-round leads us to contemplating. Besides it is fun to consider what is going on in that unseen part of our lives that we don’t spend much time considering – at least very often. Great place to play.

  • I am looking forward to watching this movie this coming weekend. Jane is exceptionally talented at bringing poignant moments in relationships to light on the screen that most of us miss in real life because we go too fast. Jane slows us and the moment down beautifully.

    I’ve been a deep thinker since childhood. Always taking in everything outside of me and hypothesizing how or why things work the way they do. Reflecting inward to observe my own inner experiences and thoughts. Making connections between my inner world and what is outside of me. Observing how I and others move in and around the environment, often just trying to sit in the moments deepen empathy and connection with myself and everything/one around me. Sometimes my deep thinking has gotten me lost, sometimes found. Overall, what I’ve come to believe is that deep thinking is a privilege and an art that imbues color, form, and meaning to this construct we call reality. ❤️

  • My deep thoughts come through my daily activity in writing in my prayer journal. I am totally amazed that after each comment or question that I have with Heavenly Father, I receive an answer from Him that I write down. He never seizes to amaze me and leave me with answers to my thoughts, questions, & concerns.

  • i cant say that i do a lot if any ……deep thinking i think i must be scared of what i might find a bit like looking deeper into my own blocks that stop me doing things , but thinking of what said about this film i relise what i watch does not require any deep thinking……….i must try harder 💓💓

  • This is a wonderful blog and I loved the film The Piano too, especially the beautifully dreamy score by Michael Nyman. Piano music touches my soul like no other music. I grew up listening to it, played by my mother as I went to sleep upstairs, and it always takes me to a special place. I’m excited to see this new film by Jane Campion so I’ll look out to see when it comes to Devon (might be a long wait 😏). Deep thinking for me sometimes happens when I’m hiking somewhere beautiful and quiet. These are the times when I’m filled with awe. Some days that experience leads to new narratives and shifting perspectives; at other times it leads to a quietening of the mind. I find both experiences equally rejuvenating and am grateful for all the ways my mind works 💕. Xx

    • I think it might be out in the UK already. It’s definitely coming to Netflix on December 1. I love this sense of awe that you describe Fiona 💕

  • I would love to be able to take time out to think more deeply, it is not something that comes easy to me. I long to go on a retreat and hope next year I will be able to.

  • When I go to church and Pastor gives a sermon based on the Bible passage he just read.He breaks down what the actual story is and the meaning in his eyes. Sometimes I think about this for days or weeks after. We just had a gorgeous talk on the Our Father and it brought me tears.

    • I love interpretative deep thinking Carol. And how this also can move you so deeply it brings you to tears. Wonderful 💕

  • I’m with you. It’s always time for deep thinking. And yes! The one and only Jane Campion has always been the best woman director making movies…whenever and whatever she does. My awareness of outstanding Australian New Zealand filmmaking started for me with Gillian Armstrong’s “My Brilliant Career” with the great Judy Davis. And then came this amazing woman, Jane Campion, “An Angel at my Table”… I think was the first feature I saw of hers. Women artists great women artists all…I’ve seen all her films…I will see Power of the Dog in a theater next week (maybe this week on Thanksgiving here in NYC). It’s exciting she’s making movies again. She didn’t for 10 years. I watched Bright Star recently. It’s just beautiful. She’s like todays Elia Kazan. Women filmmakers today are not holding back…not at all. Powerful completely honest storytelling…Fasten your seatbelts…walk away with something true and real.

  • I’ve always been a deep thinker. In my high school yearbook someone wrote ,“I can tell you’re deep because I can’t understand a thing you’re talking about.” LOL

    I just finished taking a picture book writing class for illustrators. We wrote from our drawings and learned how to use them to write from the heart. Distilled to it’s tiny essence, I couldn’t stop gushing over these little books with such big stories.?And today I dropped everything because I watched a YouTube video of the Korean game Monster Dentist and fell instantly in love. I wondered what made the game’s creators think to use such simple things like a couple of cute paper monsters, a dental mirror, plastic for the cards to lie face down on, small paper teeth cards, and turn them in into something 4 different YouTube game reviewers couldn’t stop gushing over. I spent the rest of the day gushing over it’s ingredients and what simple ingredients I could use to make a game of my own that kids would gush over. I’m still thinking…

  • I am a bit terrified to watch Jane’s films. This one, once again, is reviewed as being brilliant, yet warns that the path to receive all the meanings is, again, through cruelty, or “bottomless malevolence”. No matter how masterful Jane and all the actors are, I’m going to have to have a really good day to get prepared. Thank goodness it airs here on Dec. 1st. I have time to brace myself…

    • Yvonne, there is a great article in the NY Times talking about Jane’s tenderness in how she makes films and works with her actors. But yes, I came out feeling shell shocked. It’s a profound film 💕

  • Hi Monique Yes I have been a deep thinker most of my life and was introduced to Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks books and went on a cruise Inland passage of Alaska, very powerful workshops onboard with Esther.
    I live in Titirangi Auckland New Zealand, we have been in lockdown for more than 3 months so have had plenty of time for meditation and deep thinking, luckly we have a large property of 6 acres of rain forest which has also kept us busy.

    • What a beautiful part of New Zealand to be living. Not long and the stimulation of the world will be right back on your doorstep Beverley. Stay safe up there 💕

  • I let my dreams filter into my daily musings when I’m getting ready for the day. I jot down the epiphanies and then mull that idea around for awhile. That leads to curiosity with the “I wonder” attitude and the fabulous idea is born.

  • I too, am craving to slow down and contemplate. I’m trying to listen and respond to my heart while I try to keep up with the job I do for a living. The world as I knew it, is hurting so much and I am hurting both emotionally and physically (I tweaked a chronic back injury).
    Thankfully, there are moments that I remember that I can choose how I feel and how I respond to this world. Lovely to hear from you Monique. Thank you for sharing.

    • I hear you Elise. So many are struggling to keep up. It’s great that you remember that you can choose your response. Your freedom lies there 💕

  • Hi Monique, Deep thinking is my motivation to write. I write in order to figure out what is in my head, even about what I believe and how that impacts my behavior – or not. I learned from the self-paced programs I wrote for IBM many years ago that if I can get it, I can get anyone to get it, ergo deep thinking necessitates writing.

    Thanks so much for your innovative ways to meditate. I took TM years ago and found the rules and discipline too difficult; whereas you give permission to keep my eyes open, if that is appropriate at the time. Your work is much appreciated! -Gail

    • I love this Gail. I too deep think through writing. So pleased you are finding your meditation path here. We all just have to find someone to teach us who it clicks for our own unique personality. I am honoured, that for you, it is me 💕

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