The Perils of Gossip

By Monique Rhodes

July 15, 2022

Gossip is something that is built into the human DNA, I'm sure of it. When we try to shift the way we are in the world, one of our biggest challenges can be how do we stop ourselves from getting caught up in gossip? Today I have a couple of strategies for you.

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  • Monique, I love your podcast so much. It’s my daily gem 💕

    There’s a TV series called gossip girl!

    I accidentally did the positive gossip once and that didn’t go over very well! So perhaps it’s not good no matter which direction we go in. 💕. The person who had an accomplishment didn’t get the chance to speak it to another friend first, so although it came from a good place within me (I was super excited for them) it still took something away from my friend and maybe exposed a detail they would not have. It was a good lesson.

    Monique, what do you think of the phrase “What people say about me behind my back is none of my business.”? Do you feel this is a good attitude to adopt? The reason I ask is because as you say, it’s going to happen, and people often say things that they don’t mean when trying to work through their own sticky feelings and thoughts, and the “none of my business” attitude sort of allows them the room to make a mess and then deal with it on their own while the one being spoken of can choose not to take it personally. I would love to get your thoughts on this.

    As an aside, would you please do a podcast on something you brought up in our last meeting; the importance of understanding when there’s tension between friends vs. asking or wanting an apology? Hearing the latter has never helped in my relationships, because if I don’t understand I cannot shift myself. I would love to hear more on this. 🥰 have a great day in NZ ❤️

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