The Myth of Separation

By Monique Rhodes

December 10, 2021

Today I am going to teach you something important. It is a vital mindset shift - a mindset shift around our idea of separation.

  • Thank you Monique. That definitely is big food for thought. I can understand this intellectually but find it hard to imagine that this would be something I could actually experience. But I am very open to the possibility and would love to know the world in this way.

  • So inspiring! This reminds me of my experience with Richard Wagamese’s The Sacred Breath Ceremony, as described in his book: One Drum. This ceremony is a meditation using “I am one with Creation” as a mantra. When I tried it, I could literally feel the outer cells of my body dissolving and uniting with all the cells in the Universe. It was an experience I will always treasure.

  • Being born in NZ also has made me very conscious of being connected to the earth. Looking also at the nature of the waves crashing through also makes me feel as though there is a oneness. Thank you Monique for your clear and calm explanations.

  • I love the way you speak with such clarity, wisdom and openness to suit everyone.. and help to bring us to our same level. You open minds as to where we fit in to the universe and where we can be useful with listening to others using thoughtfulness, patience and kindness. Thank you always Monique.

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