The Leap

By Monique Rhodes

September 26, 2022

Today, I’ve taken the leap. It’s time for the next phase and stage of my life. 

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  • As a fellow New Zealander I totally get why you need to travel the world. It is like our right of passage, while always knowing that the Land of the Long White Cloud is there for us if we need it. So looking forward to getting back into international travel next year.

  • Love this podcast, Monique! I recall as we were driving into Guadalajara, Mexico to our new home about an hour south, I had the sudden thought, “What are we doing leaving our home and families in Canada to move to Mexico at the ages of 65 and 67? Are we crazy (as other people had called us) or are we brave? A little bit of both, methinks! It’s been quite the adventure living here and challenging at times! So glad we did it!
    Go for it, Monique!

  • Safe travels Monique! I went to Costa Rica in 2019 for two weeks and traveled to different parts of the country by car. Check out La Fortuna Tree House, in La Fortuna. Very secluded, and private. There are two wonderful woman running this awesome small vacation lodge. Monkeys in the trees, beautiful birds, local staff who prepare breakfast, hiking, not too far from Arsenal volcano for hiking, and Rio Celeste Waterfall. Enjoy exploring Costa Rica! 💞

  • I am so excited for you and scamp! All will be well?
    And thank you for the term ‘weak travel muscle’. That so explains my hesitation to get out there again.
    Happy travels to new your calm place where you can continue your so helpful work.

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