The Goodness of My Life

By Monique Rhodes

March 24, 2022

In today’s podcast, I answer a question of how it is possible to be in the goodness of our lives when so much suffering is happening in the world. I feel passionate about this, so I hope this is helpful. 

  • I meet with a group of women every week who are feeling very overwhelmed with the issues of the world. We feel helpless to make sense of the suffering & to resolve it. This powerful podcast speaks to what we can do individually to protect our mind & our soul. Thank you Monique, you are a shining bright star of wisdom in an unstable & unpredictable world. This is so meaningful for me ❤️

  • So true. Don’t believe what you see on the news and change starts at home. We need to sort our own countries poor statistics for family violence and child abuse before we start making comments on wars across the globe.

  • Your response to the question is right on, balanced, and freeing! Thank you. I love the quote from Meryl Streep. Empowering women! Yes!!

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