The Boating Adventure

By Monique Rhodes

January 27, 2022

I had a huge adventure on my boat this last weekend. It wasn’t all easy. However, it was a great reminder of how to deal with adversity. 

  • You are so amazing and such an inspiration to me. You certainly live what you teach and your testimony is so relatable and gives me courage to keep going. I can see (and so can my husband) how far I have come already in the short time I have been learning from you. Thank You 💜

  • Wow, what an adventure Monique! Such a ‘growing’ opportunity, that you took full advantage of! A couple thoughts to share regarding your experience…if you don’t have one and can find/purchase a topographic map, and learn how to read the topographic lines (the closer they are together, the steeper the terrain is), you can scout out places that are flatter for camping, etc. If you didn’t have a First Aid kit with you for your cut, I bet you will next time! Do you have oars on the boat, in case your motor quits, and to help you maneuver; life jackets for you and Scamp, in case you had to take a leap of faith and had to swim from the middle of the lake? You help so many of us everyday, I just wanted to share some tips that may help you in the future, in a loving way to give back in some way! We rely heavily on boating safety here, living on an island…(at least you didn’t have to deal with rising and falling tides!). May your next adventure bring you solace and joy in the knowing you can handle anything! Peace my Friend!

    • I love this Diane. I have everything but this map you speak of! I’ll look into it. Really appreciate the boating guidance! 💕

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