3 Strategies On How To Set Healthy Boundaries

By Monique Rhodes

April 14, 2022

It can be hard to create boundaries for ourselves - to know that it’s ok to take care of ourselves. This podcast might give you a quick reframe on a strategy to do exactly that. 

  • I learnt this lesson well in one of Monique’s courses. I am very good at saying No and using the Yes-No-Yes response. My life has changed because of it.

  • This is so very helpful to me. I was not raised to put myself first so I could give more fully to others. I was not raised to take care of myself. So I have been in a near depletion state for far too long. I have been taking better care of myself the last few years, and I am more happy and content. These 3 to-do categories are going to make it easier to decide what is important for me to do and what is not so important. Thank you!

    • Great Noreen. I know that if you put them into practice you’ll see a difference quickly! You first, then everyone else 💕

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