By Monique Rhodes

November 25, 2021

Whether it is Thanksgiving in your country or not, today’s podcast is a beautiful reminder of the power of gratitude. And I have a fun little challenge for everyone at the end.

  • Thank you, Monique, for this podcast on the topic of Thanksgiving and for every one you generously share every day😌💕
    I live in the US and it is absolutely my favorite holiday💖
    Some 20 years ago a dear friend sat me down and showed me how to write a gratitude list. I never felt grateful because I was always comparing myself to others and looking at what I didn’t have: a million dollars, an ivy-league education, a perfect smile, etc. Instead, she helped me start with “small” things: a roof over my head, a job, food on the table, beautiful kitties, and more. And I literally scoffed at first.
    Today, I still don’t have a million dollars, advanced education, straight teeth, etc… but manage to feel blessed in countless ways with those “small” things😉—and in spite of runaway thoughts that can make parts of my days unmanageable.
    I will continue to be a work-in-progress yet feel comforted and stronger with your continuing guidance and reminders to go gently in the world. Humbly and warmly 😌💞

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