Thank You

By Monique Rhodes

August 9, 2022

We had some good news today. I wanted to thank so many of you for being part of it. 

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  • I am so happy that you shared the great news about Kevin’s health! I too am a believer in the power of prayer. How wonderful that your many followers have rallied to pray for Kevin and his wife. It’s a good reminder that we can make a difference in someone’s life by praying. Thank you for all you do to put such positivity out into the world. I really love your podcasts and continue to use the meditation courses you put together for Bright Line Eating. I share your In Your Right Mind podcasts with family and friends and they appreciate them so much. So grateful for you Monique. ❤️🙏

  • Thank you for the reminder that I can ask for prayer from others. It’s all part of my journey in recognizing that I am worthy and deserving, to ask for help when I’m struggling.

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