Supporting With Boundaries

By Monique Rhodes

November 13, 2023

When someone we love is in emotional pain how can we support them and ensure we take care of ourselves as well? In today’s podcast, I respond to a student whose partner is struggling and taking some of his frustrations out on her. 

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  • Boundaries are so important. Having worked with people with
    PTSD for decades I would add the following. Often in these types of situations the person is yelling at you because you are the nearest object to take out their frustrations. Often they are not yelling about you but rather too you. For your own safety do not engage in a yelling match back. Remain quiet or leave. Physical violence against anything (human, animal, property) is not OK ever. If physical violence is present leave immediately. If it is out of character for the person to be yelling tell them so. Sometimes walking away for even an hour or two can change the situation. Boundaries are just so important, keep them clear, and act accordingly. People do handle grief differently however it is not OK to verbally or physically abuse anyone/thing because of it.

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