Standing Beside The River

By Monique Rhodes

March 22, 2023

What happens when there is a crisis? Usually, we panic and drown in the fears in our minds. However, we can have a very different experience by leaning into our meditation practice. 

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  • Oh Monique, you give us such gifts, with this podcast being the latest. The timing is perfect for me as I have recently drifted from my daily meditation practice, quite unintentionally. Having heard these pearls of wisdom you have shared and being reminded of what I already know from personal experience, I will return to my practice so I can stay on the river bank and so I can truly be there for each moment I am gifted.
    I am thinking of you each and every day, while sending my loving and healing thoughts your way wrapped in the enormous gratitude I feel for you.

  • Thank you for these great pobcasts! I’m so happy you are on your way to feeling so much better! So much love to you!

  • Sheesh the difference in your voice in today’s podcast and your update podcast yesterday was amazing. I listened to them back to back. Monique, you are sounding so much stronger today. Sending love and prayers that your health issue will resolve quickly and completely.

  • Perfectly clear to me! Well said, Monique. I got so much out of your podcast yesterday and today… definitely food for thought!
    Don’t over do it. Let your body rest and heal! See you tomorrow!

  • Monique, you may feel a bit foggy, but the lesson in this podcast was very clear and I appreciate the visual. My question is this: Once you realize that you have fallen into the river, you are aware, what is the best way to get to the edge of the riverbank and out of the water? Meditation absolutely helps. I become aware that my mind is running off into scenarios quicker, but I don’t always manage to stop it. Thank you. Wishing you continued healing. With love. 🤗🥰

    • Meditation practice is the only way that I know to find the awareness to be able to stand out of the river đź’•

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