She Has Not Come To See Me

By Monique Rhodes

February 9, 2023

I had a session the other day with a client upset that her friend was in town and had not come to see her. These little upsets are something we all deal with throughout our lives. I want to explain to you how I worked with her. 

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  • I find this way too complicated and convoluted. If she said she’d like to see you and she finds that she can’t, she then owes you the courtesy of some communication.
    Never mind blaming and judgement and I’m not enough and all of that. It is simply unacceptable to leave someone twisting in the wind.

    • Yes I hear you. But the point of this is to understand that we hold expectations of others. Why does she owe an explanation? It’s our attachment to how we think things “should be” that is creating the suffering here. If we let go and just allow th other person to be as they are then we suffer less. Does that make sense? 💕

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