Self Mothering: Healing Your Inner Child

By Monique Rhodes

May 9, 2022

Mother’s Day can be tricky for many of us, and our relationships with our mothers are as different as each of us is different. In today’s podcast, I share a special and powerful piece of writing about our relationships with our mothers and encourage you to join me in a unique habit-changing process that I am embarking on. 

  • OMG Monique you are correct about Cheryl having emotional intelligence. I want to find the reading of hers that you just gave and ponder on it over and over. The saying ‘it takes one to know one’ sprang to mind and there were so many scenarios and types of motherly relationships in her writings that I wonder how she could possibly relate to them all.
    This year is going to be astounding, thank you for all you do.

    • here it is Glenda – “There are so many kinds of mother. The mothers you cherish and celebrate. The mothers who were never really there. The mothers who broke you. Who built you. The mothers who cheered you on. Who chipped away at you until you were dust. The mothers who reveled in your astonishing intelligence and grace and power. Who saw only their own light. The mothers who died painfully young. The mothers who lived so long you felt yourself disintegrating with them. Petal by wilted petal. The mothers who shined. Who dimmed. Who did their best. Who disappointed. Who redeemed themselves. Who accepted your redemption. Who zigged and zagged. The mothers who were a beacon. The mothers you never knew. The mothers who sewed themselves into the quilt you became. The mothers who couldn’t bear to tell the truth. The mothers who were brave. The mothers who didn’t know who they were without you. Who never saw you no matter how wildly you waved. The mothers who grieved you. Who believed in you. The mothers you call. The mothers you no longer speak to. The mothers you take for granted. Or treasure. The dead mothers. The mothers you have to search for and carry. The mothers you find in people who are not your mother. The mothers like a limb. The mothers like a mirror. The mothers like a flame. The mothers you wish. The mothers you love. The mothers you ache. The mothers you echo. The mothers you wanted to be. The mothers you became. I am thinking of you. I am holding you all.” 💕

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