By Monique Rhodes

January 11, 2022

I have made a commitment this year to not talk about 3 things. Already I feel better for it. 

  • Monique, you never cease to blow me away! What a powerful and desperately needed message for the world!!! I will join you in taking the PVC pledge and in being a light of positivity and possibility and I plan to share your message by forwarding this podcast to all of the important people in my life.
    THANK YOU!! You have moved me to tears as I am so deeply tired of all these negative conversations – they wound my soul. No more!!

  • You are so right. It started with the Oprahfication of America when everyone became a victim and no one was to blame and no one took responsibility. Because of _____, you weren’t responsible for what you did. It happened to you, you poor dear. People ate it up, so it was repeated and ramped up.
    Was it accurate sometimes? Sure. It also conditioned us to look at the most awful behavior and excuse it.
    Then, came 24 hour news and Social Media and we have been stirred into frenzies that never should have existed. And it continues because we consume it. Choose not to consume and it will stop being manufactured…and a lot of it is manufactured.
    Thank you, Monique.

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