The Polarization of Truth

By Monique Rhodes

February 17, 2022

A few days ago, I posted a podcast that many people found really helpful. It is called You Are Right. I discuss how you will always find justifications online to prove your pint of view no matter what your perspective is. "It doesn't matter what you believe. It doesn't matter what idea you have in your head. If you go and search online, whatever you're looking for will exist. There will be someone there that will tell you and show you in an incredibly compelling way that the theory that you have is correct."

No wonder our brains are completely and utterly exhausted. Your brain is exposed to more information in one day than someone just one century ago was exposed to in a year. Contemplate that for a moment. 

Let's add to that the compounding issue that the information we are being fed is presented to us as truth. And yet, if we dare to look, another opposing truth is presented in an equally compelling way. How are we supposed to navigate a world where "truth" is completely polarized?

We can't. It's not possible. And so we take a side. We plant our flag of truth on our side because it is the only way to cope. Our brains are understandably struggling to live in two opposing realities. So we don't. Once we have planted our flag, we then want to feel safe on the side that we have chosen. So we welcome conversations and people who plant their flag beside us, and we reject and shun people whose "truth" does not align with our own.

This is the world we are living in. It's a world that we are not coping in, no matter what side we plant our flag.

Our lives are changing at a blistering pace. Our brains are expected to make decisions and understand complex worldwide situations in a way that no other humans ever have. We're failing at it. We live in a world where more people suffer from mental illness than ever before.

At the same time, social media corporations and news outlets are making billions of dollars from our outrage and flag-planting.

What is the answer? I don't know but I want to say STOP.

STOP falling for the manipulation of social media corporations and the press. They are there to profit from you, which is their only motivation.
STOP turning on other people because they see the world differently from you. Unless they are harming others, we need a world with different insights and perspectives and for people to challenge our worldviews.
STOP relying on the internet for the answers to your questions. Start looking inside yourself for your truth.
STOP filling your mind with so much information. At least 95% of the information you consume daily is of no practical use to you. It is exhausting and overloading your already exhausted and overloaded mind.

Turn it off. Slow it down.

And the only thing you shouldn't stop is believing.

The world needs your light more than ever.

You need a clear mind for it to shine.

  • I have done all the STOPS one reason what you say is true they are all making money ( no a fence even you xxxx ) i am still struggling to came the bloody monkeys in this head the problem i have when i listen to podcasts and interviews is peoples voices!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you any suggestions how to over come this. So sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question xx

  • I agree with your article. The problem for me is that it is so much easier to surround my self with like minded people. It takes more effort to open up and listen carefully to opposing views.

  • There is only one answer and that is unconditional love for everyone by everyone. No discrimination, no ego, no agenda other then welcoming every living soul on its life journey with awe and understanding and love.

  • Monique, thank you immensely for saying exactly how I feel and putting into words my thoughts. I am happy every day, because I avoid drama and social media scams at all cost. Mostly because of the work that I’ve done with you and Claire. Thank you for being a light in our world, and my world especially.

  • But how do you “STOP when people are being hurt? People protesting masks/vaccinations and either getting sick themselves (taking up hospital beds making routine medical care not available to others) or exposing others to COVID who then get sick/die, gun violence resulting in death or injury, war and the resultant casualties just to name a few???

  • I just read an article stating that people in the US are flocking in large droves to cities that think more like them. I immediately thought what is happening to the US! But you are right…it’s dangerous to only be with people “like” yourself. It’s so much more healthy to get to know your neighbors and learn from each other. It might even expand your heart and mind.

  • I have felt sorry for the generations now who can’t leave work at 5 and turn it off and be with loved ones until 8 the next morning. The internet doesn’t allow work to stop, if you want to be on too at what you do you have to stay connected, at least that’s the way people think these days. It’s exhausting and they suffer.

  • Thank you for sharing this insight Monique. I have been very torn over this issue and I have felt the wrath of others who have planted their flag. I have reduced my consumption of social media and news because of this.

  • Yes! Turn it off. So grateful to work in an environment where we don’t knock beliefs back and forth. Let your light shine!

  • Well said. I could not articulate my thoughts/feelings any better. I feel better just having read your ‘peace.’ I long for less information and more compassion, less control and more peace, less fear and manipulation and more kindness. Again, well done!

  • Monique, I am so happy to hear your message. I encounter people daily in my practice who automatically assume that I think like they do. It is so refreshing to have someone validate that it is ok to have different view points and thought patterns. I don’t agree with a one sided world. I can’t imagine life where people all had the same views on everything! Thanks for the positive message to open our eyes, minds and our hearts.

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