Person of the Year

By Monique Rhodes

December 14, 2021

Time Magazine just announced its Person of the Year. I want to say - are you joking me? I’ve got a much better suggestion as to who is the Person of the Year. 

  • Thank You! Much needed in a time when individuals are needing focus and ability to see their worth and contributions are recognized and valued, one to one. Real life is not group

  • Wonderful podcast! I agree
    That those who live a life devoted to goodness and love for each other are the persons of the year.💕

  • Generally, I like to look at the best in others AND at the same time, your clear-eyed censure of the Person of the Year, drives home the importance of not shying away from behaviors that are truly not acceptable. Thank you, Monique for your vision and for lauding all of us who strive to make the world a bit better!!

  • Monique, thank you for today’s podcast. I agree with everything you’ve said today. Those who are working to change their minds in a positive way are truly the people of the year. Your heart’s passion is helping so many people look at life with new eyes. Thank you! 💕

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