Our Mind Is A Guesthouse

By Monique Rhodes

August 21, 2023

Often our thoughts and feelings are out of control. And it can be challenging to know how to manage them. I want to teach you how to see your mind as a guesthouse so that you can work with your thoughts and emotions differently. 

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  • I always appreciate a good metaphor and our mind as a guesthouse is very rich in being that.All guests or thoughts being welcome though not always endearing can apply to every interaction and experience.With our 60,000 thoughts a day,
    I wonder how few are actually invited guests- and yet,there they are. we can ” love ’em and leave ’em or ruminate and concoct irrelevant stories.Cloud watching is another good metaphor to the transients of our thoughts. Thanks for wisdom as appetizer to my greens for lunch. All life enhancing.

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