One Perspective

By Monique Rhodes

September 18, 2023

Our thoughts are subjective, and we see through a very particular lens. If you can understand this, it is a profound realisation on your path to happiness.

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  • Thank you Monique for this valuable lesson. There is one part where you mention avoidance with hurtful people. That is my mother and sister who live away from me. They are incredibly loving and also domineering and find something cruel to say when I see them. They have a narrow perspective of me. I love them away from me. I love my life with family and friends here. I am free with people who accept me and who I respect and love.

    • Thank you for opening up and sharing your personal experiences with me Jolene. It’s never easy to navigate relationships, especially when they are with close family members who hold significant places in our hearts.

      Your awareness of the dynamics with your mother and sister, and the self-awareness you have regarding how you feel in their presence, is a crucial step in managing these relationships. It’s essential to prioritize your well-being and mental health. If keeping a certain distance allows you to preserve your peace and maintain love for them, then it’s a valid choice.

      Loving someone doesn’t mean we have to subject ourselves to negativity or pain. Sometimes, the best love we can give is from a distance, where we can remember and cherish the good without being overwhelmed by the challenges.

      It’s commendable that you’ve built a supportive environment around you with friends and family who accept and respect you for who you are. Continue to nurture these relationships and seek solace in them.

      Remember, it’s okay to set boundaries to protect your peace and well-being. The most important relationship you have is with yourself, and it’s essential to safeguard that.

      Sending you warmth and understanding,

      Monique đź’•

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