My Sister Drives Me Crazy

By Monique Rhodes

March 4, 2023

If your sister is driving you crazy, one of the most powerful things you can do is look at your habitual response to her and change it up. This is what one of my friends is struggling with.

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  • Love this topic! And such good advise Monique. I have experienced with becoming the caregiver for my elderly Mom. We love each other dearly; however, I feel she is always attacking me (She is a Taurus and I am a Scorpio – opposite sides of the Zodiac signs). I learned that I had to keep coming back at her from a place of love and not anger. This took work; however, I did it….and still have to every visit to the care home or conversation on the phone. So now when she is attacking, I say to myself “love, love, love” and try not to do my “learned habit” as you spoke about. My new motto in life is “The answer is Love.” Which includes the compassion and empathy that you speak of.

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