By Monique Rhodes

December 8, 2021

We are masters of multitasking activities, and we are also masters of multitasking in our minds. Unfortunately, both of these activities significantly affect our ability to function.

  • We were taught in high school and college that multi-tasking was one of the best skills to develop. It is a challenge to unlearn that especially with competing priorities. 🙂

    • And also frustrating Anne. The good news is that now the scientific research is clear and you can be kinder to your mind just by changing this one habit đź’•

  • Multitasking reminds me of working in the kitchen. One job follows another and often quickly to get it finished. After mediting and feeling relaxed I do not feel the frustration that often occurs and everything starts to flow. . Thank you Monique.

  • I like the Scamp example. My dog is so hard to train when there is something else grabbing his attention, too. It’s a good analogy for our brains.

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