Mind Digesting

By Monique Rhodes

November 25, 2022

One of the biggest reasons we are overwhelmed is due to not allowing our minds to digest information. If we can take time each day to do this, our stress and anxiety will drastically reduce. 

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  • Monique, when you write freeform every morning for 30 minutes , this sounds to me one of the steps , Julia Cameron, author of ” The Artist’s Way” advocates. I have started to do this as well. What a game changer for me to get those ahahs. Never much of a writer in my life, but this is part of my morning routine now ( along with the 10 Minute Mind). Thanks for the reinforcement

    • Yes Barb, Julia Cameron certainly got many of us on this path when we did the Artist’s Way. When I was younger I would find Julia’s morning pages torturous. A lot of difficult stuff would come up. My relationship with myself is so different now. It comes out in this practice. I literally chat to myself like I’m talking something through with an old, trusted, dear friend. It’s super helpful for me đź’•

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