Making Up My Own Story

By Monique Rhodes

January 21, 2022

In this last week, I have felt quite hurt by something someone has done. It’s given me the chance to look at myself and see that the issue lay with me rather than with them.

  • This is very important. I see a patterns, because I withdraw. I will change that without feeling I am setting myself up for more Hurt, but in a wise way 😘. Thank you 💖

  • Wow, that was super powerful — this dynamic has replayed over and over again in my life. I have never heard anyone speak about it before! So wise. I notice a trait in myself to quickly label someone I just met as “such a great person” as if my declaration will make it so. Needless to say I have been disappointed many times by people because they don’t live up to my expectations for them and I need to own my role in this. It reminds me of the quote by Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I so desperately want people to be good, kind, honest, fair, generous, caring that I will sometimes look past clues that they are not that. You did not specify what you friend did, but I cannot always continue to love them as you can Monique. If someone shows me they are dishonest or hurtful towards others, I will not be able to have them in my circle. I will go away peacefully, I cannot expose my heart to them any longer. I really appreciate your wisdom Monique.

  • Powerful!!! Wow, I never saw it presented in this light. What a learning moment for me. Sorry for your pain but thanks for sharing. You truly walk your talk.🥰

  • Thank you Monique. That is such a learning curve. You carry such wisdom. We still retain certain memories dont we and have a choice to make something good out of it for ourselves……peace of mind and what is right for us. Spread the love.

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