Making Connections Through Complaining

By Monique Rhodes

September 27, 2021

I am not talking about the band…I am talking about a new way to connect.

  • I have been working sporadically on this for years but it will be great to make a more focused effort on watching my words and being in sync in a positive way.

  • I have a good friend who likes to talk about the ills of the world. In order to be in sync and at the same time be talking about something positive, I quite frequently will shift the conversation to talking about things I have found in the world of regenerative agriculture and about promoting ideas about regenerative agriculture to other people; this always gets positive and hopeful.

  • It’s so true that we often try to connect with people through complaints. I am becoming more aware of my own behavior in this area.

  • This is such a great message. I will use it in my email to friends whose help I am requesting in meeting my 21-day No Complaint challenge. I know it will be very well received!

  • Love this–I am going to consciously make efforts to have my ‘small talk’ in-sync comments be positive and not shared negatives. Beautiful awareness of the impact making this effort could have.

  • Is stating a fact that is the truth that could be perceived as negative considered complaining or whining? For example, “the situation between Russia and the Ukraine is unsettling.” It is not hard to imagine that it could be putting two people “in-sync” relative to a tense situation.

    • The situation is unsettling. The issues come when we place ourselves in a place of being a victim. That’s when we are not seeing clearly 💕

  • I love the new word “in-syncing” and the idea of actively syncing in a positive way. It would be a good way to deflect an attempt at negative syncing.

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