I Am Resentful

By Monique Rhodes

September 29, 2021

In today's podcast, I answer a question from one of my students dealing with her ageing mother. This podcast will be helpful if you struggle to have boundaries with people in your life. 

  • Today’s podcast hit close to home. My mother suffered from dementia. When she could no longer take care of herself she came to live with my family. She always said when the time came she wanted to live with me. As the disease progressed I became resentful. Nineteen months in I became torn between guilt and resentment. Guilt of even thinking of sending her to a care home and resentment of being her sole care giver with little freedom to live my own life. One night Mom had a lucid moment asking, “How long have I been here?” When I told her 19 months she said, “Well you need to put me somewhere. I’m holding you back.” Her words broke the shackles of guilt and we were able to place her in a care home. The best thing all around. Setting boundaries and learning to fill our own well are such beneficial lessons. Thank you, Monique.

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