Have You Ever Been Afraid Of The Quiet?  

By Monique Rhodes

June 18, 2022

What a great question. It is asked concerning meditation, but I explore it in a broader sense today. Are we afraid of the quiet in our lives?

  • I love quiet and actively seek it out. I can drive in my car for hours without the radio on. I don’t have a radio or stereo in my house and very rarely have the TV on. Silence is golden.

    • yes I love it too…and luckily, living in a remote part of New Zealand, as you do, you have a better chance of finding it 💕

  • If we can encourage and help others start meditating, this inability to sit in quiet will change. ❤️ This is a very interesting study you cite. That shock likely allowed a dopamine and opioid release; makes sense that this option would be explored if one cannot sit in quiet. Thanks for this interesting episode. Love you, Monique.

    • Yes it will have. However, I imagine this would not have been the motivation. The motivation was to DO something. Anything. It shows how much we struggle. Love you too Kristine 💕

      • Monique- on thinking on this further, I understand/understood the motivation was to do something, but I want to link my “chemical” remarks to this so that my thinking is clearer 🙂

        The podcast message I believe at least in part was that we are uncomfortable with or struggle with the quiet. Thus, the idea I believe (I could have this wrong) is that the persons in the study you cite press the button to relieve themselves momentarily of this struggle or discomfort, which can be viewed as an attempt to regulate oneself in those moments. The activity one engages in therefore, is causally linked to chemical releases in the brain that assist in the regulation process. Dopamine and opioids are part of the feel good and motivational chemical regulatory center of the brain often referred to as “reward centers.” The reason I mentioned the chemicals is because we can literally view the behavior of an individual as an attempt to boost chemicals so that the person is more regulated or feels better. I hope this clarifies why I noted chemicals. Thanks so much for your reply, too! I love that you are active on this site and appreciate how engaged you remain with us despite being super busy. ❤️

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